INVEST IN THE CAPSULE: pencil skirts

When you try to maintain a capsule wardrobe or a french wardrobe, you do not buy random items. You invest in key pieces. I have been a huge fan of pencil skirts for years. They are versatile, chic and feminine. On top of that they are extremely flattering on many body types. Tailoring and fabrics can make all the difference, so in my opinion you should strive for high quality buys that will last for years and years. Below a list of a few top brands that make killer skirts every season. 

HIGH END SEGMENT (major splurge)

Roland Mouret- Arreton pencil skirt 

Rachel from suits agrees with this one. This is  a celebrity top pick and it comes at a steep price. It will set you back approximately 600 Euros. If you cannot afford it or do not want to spend so much money: monitor discount websites like Yoox or The Outnet frequently for better bargains or wait for the end of season sale. 11541046_7307750_1000.jpg

Dolce & Gabbana

There are not many designers that do a pencil skirt better than the legendary designer duo Dolce & Gabbana. Roughly the same price as Roland Mouret so the same tactics are recommended. Invest or wait for discounts (and hope there is 1 left in your size).


Photo credits: Net-a-porter

MID RANGE SEGMENT (Still a splurge)

By Malene Birger

This Scandinavian brand always has some good skirts in the collection. They also usually have a good fit and are made of proper quality.


Photo credits: Malene Birger 


Two of my favourite brands that embody the French chic we all love so much. Both Maje & Sandro always offer great pencil skirts. They are nicely tailored and the fabrics are of high quality. Beware though, these brands design for French woman and are a bit “petit”. The skirts are not suitable for very curvy women and size 3 is a European 38.


Maje_H14KUBRA-0149_H_1.jpgPhoto credits: Maje  & Sandro 

HIGH STREET (usually affordable but beware of quality)

Remember we are talking about skirts that are nicely tailored and you can wear for years and years. I highly recommend investing in high quality pieces and most high street stores do not offer many of those.

Some things to consider: the designs are often copied from famous designers and come straight of the catwalk. The fabrics are often of inferior quality and produced under bad circumstances.

That being said: if you are looking for an affordable, trendy pencil skirt, Zara is usually the place to go. Personally I like their faux leather skirts they offer almost every year.

Any brands I should add to the list? Let me know.



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