How to become a success by doing what you love. It is a familiar tag line. I think it covers only part of the story. Success is different for everyone and deeply personal. That is why I want to set the record straight in this blogpost.


It is good to know what your passion is. However, not every passion should become a full-time job. Sometimes a passion is more like a hobby.  A hobby that you like to do in your free time. Most people define “free time” as time you are not working. I like to walk dogs. I love how they jump around and are happy about basically everything they see. That doesn’t mean I want to be a professional dogwalker.

Still with me? What I am trying to say is  you can still follow your passion in your free time and do something totally different in your work. Does this make you an unsuccessful person? I think not. The most important thing is the choice you make yourself.


Earning top money by doing what you love takes effort and time and money and commitment AND many other things. What if you don’t have that? What if you are broke, exhausted and/or have 5 children?  What if you choose to work for 18 hours a week becase you want to spend more time with your family? I think fulfilling your own dreams makes you successful. Following our passion is not a full-time thing for everyone and I think we should respect that more.


Some tips that worked for me on “finding the passion”:

  • Draw a lifeline that describes your ups and downs. What were your highlights? What were low moments in your life? Why? There are probably some common denominators that you can identify. Try to think beyond the normal stuff what you would find in a job description (likes work with people, formal vs informal environment, loves marketing etc.) and push yourself a bit further. What do you find truly fascinating? When did you lose track of time? It’s like peeling off an onion (I really hope this analogy works for you). Try and go deeper and find what the core of your interests are.
  •  Do the following exercise: congratulations! You just received 2 mio Euros! There is only one catch! You only get this money if you work on developing yourself in the broadest sense of the word for the next year. All the money you need will be provided to you. What would you do if there were absolutely no restrictions (except for it has to target self-development)? Would you learn a language? Take a course? What would you do? This should give you a good indication of your real passions and also a first clue about your work-life balance.

Moving on to “I found my passion and now what”:

  • If you did the second exercise and you decided on “learn how to surf for one year”, that is a pretty good indication that you love outdoor life. If you are working as a full-time accountant, I hope you can see there might be a little challenge here. Go decide on how much “work” means to you. And then flip it around.
    • Is it just a way to make money? Just make sure you get the highest salary in the fewest hours, buy less stuf and enjoy the rest of your time.
    • Is it something that fullfils you because you have a certain ambition or goal? Define your goal and go get them tiger! Channel Beyonce and go get what you want and let nothing stop you.


Everything I wrote here is deeply personal so try and believe in yourself. It is ok.  Give yourself permission to do it your way. Good luck, hope you find what you are looking for.



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