Last year I was sitting on the couch, pregnant & bored. My body was no longer in-sync with my energy levels and I entered a whole new world of baby fashion, stuff for the Mini, trying to look fashionable in a bump and extreme nesting behavior. I wanted to share my experiences and read about others. So I started a blog.

It took me a while to figure out what I liked to write about (capsule wardrobes, women in business) and what I did not like (recipes, interior decoration). I even got a few followers (thanks Nesrin for being the first official follower when no one showed any interest and I was basically clueless).

I wrote whenever I felt like it and basically followed no rules except one: do not only write (=send mode) but also respond to other people’s blogs. So far so good.

I made a few discoveries.

It is really hard to take good outfit photos. You need a photographer or half a day with a good camera and remote control. I don’t like to write about the Mini too much, especially more intimate details. It is still the big World Wide Web. All your personal stuff is so out there for every crazy person to see (I try to turn the “paranoid button” down now).

Oh and Cher from the movie Clueless was very right: mirrors lie! You know that moment when something looks really good in the mirror, you take a picture and you just look kinda meh? I do. I often do not look the same as the image I constructed in my head.

Anyway, I felt like I was struggling a bit in the last months but EUREKA I found my voice again (picture a happy dance in your mind please). I know what I want to write about and how. I am not going to do that thing where someone says that their blog is going to be very different and then it takes 3 months before it actually happens.

I am going to write about the things I am really passionate about. I want to write for go-getter woman who want to do cool stuff, enjoy life to the max and look great while doing it. You just wait and see. Curious? Follow me on Bloglovin and come back soon.



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