CAREER AND A MINI: should we all do what we love

There are many inspiring examples of women who do what they love and make heaps of money. I have been coaching female entrepreneurs for a few years now and the cold, harsh reality: it does not always work out that way. I have written before about “mompreneurs” and ambition. My priorities have obviously shifted due to the expected arrival of the Mini and I think that goes for many women. So what does that mean for expectant mommies? Should we always follow our passion? Or should we be practical and focus on a pay check coming in regularly? Is it really possible to have it all? 

It’s important to know what you are good at. It is also important what makes you happy. In an ideal life you can incorporate as much of that as possible into your work. It is absolutely fulfilling to use your strengths on a daily basis and make money while doing it. But as I said in the introduction, it is not always the case that you will get paid royally for it. So question #1:

Can you make enough money from doing what you love in a reasonable amount of hours? 

Yes, you totally can IF the thing that you love to do, pays well. The story of my friend unfortunately shows the opposite. She is a 30-something entrepreneur, working 6 (or 7) days a week in her awesome store. She has big dreams for the future and loves her job. However, retail does not generate huge salaries and the hours are long and irregular. She may want a baby at some point and is worried how to do this. She is doing what she loves, living her dream but where can she find the time to take care of a baby on top of all that? Working less hours is not really an option, because her salary will be too low.

This leads to question #2:

Is it really that important that you do a job that you are a 100% passionate about? 

For me personally it is, because my career is very important in my life. The same goes for my friend. For her: the job is a lifestyle. However, I think many people are looking at this the wrong way. It is your life you should be passionate about. If you are someone that loves to be at home, then by all means do that. If you have a hobby that you enjoy, continue to do so. Not everything has to turn into a job or generate money. A job could also just be a job. Something that earns a pay check and that is 100% ok.

What if you would like to pursue your passion and make money at the same time?

Do it right. Take courses, get a coach, have a professional picture taken and go for it. Do not take no for an answer. I know many successful women who are able to do it all. Their secret? They are all in.  There is always a businessmodel that can work for you. You just have to go out and find it.

What if you do not want to work anymore and spend more time with your Mini? 

Again: it is your life and you should do what feels right to you. Look at your finances, talk to the baby daddy and see what works.

I am very passionate about this topic because I really feel women can achieve so much. However, there are so many expectations from society that we often forget what is important to ourselves. Is your work also your passion? Are you able to make a living?




2 gedachtes over “CAREER AND A MINI: should we all do what we love

  1. Persoonlijk denk ik niet dat het bestaat, een baan waar je 100% passioneel over bent. Punt 1: aan iedere baan zitten aspecten die je minder (of helemaal niet) leuk vindt. Punt 2: Waar je helemaal passioneel over bent, dat verandert vaak in de loop der tijd. Soms heb je een passie waar je 100% voor gaat en na een poosje denk je: Nu heb ik het wel gezien.
    Ik denk dat je gewoon moet beginnen aan wat je leuk vindt en vervolgens doorgaan met wat je dán weer leuk vindt. Hoe je dat combineert met kinderen? Als je heel graag kinderen wilt, moet je ook daar misschien maar gewoon aan beginnen. Anders is het te laat voordat je het weet!


    1. Hi Sunny, helemaal eens! Het punt wat ik probeer te maken is dat er veel te veel nadruk op ligt. Als die boeken en vrouwen die op zoek zijn naar hun passie en een baan die daarbij past. Anyway: ik denk inderdaad dat een baan altijd gewoon werk is. Dat betekent dus dat er ook mindere aspecten zijn ja.


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