LIFE WITH A MINI: 10 things I never thought I’d do

Oh wow, how time flies. My Mini is already 9 months old. You always have this idea in your mind what kind of a mom you will be. And of course there are some things you think you will never do. Turns out: you will be just like all those other mommies. Here are 10 things that surprised me about my life with a Mini.

  1.  Your living room will never look the same anymore. There are toys, pacifiers, food stains and other stuff everywhere. I vowed we would keep our living space classy. It is her kingdom now, sigh….  
  2.  We used to go on citytrips a few times a year. Now I find myself looking for the most child friendly holiday houses. Proximity to wine bars has been replaced by foldable baby chairs and an extra bedroom. Oh well, who needs Berlin when you can go Center Parcs?  
  3. Taking afternoon naps have never felt so good. When she sleeps, I take a nap as well (and it is not the recovering-from-a-hangover nap).
  4. Trying to resist the urge to cuddle a tiny human every time you look at her. They always tell you that you fall in love with your child. I never really believed it. Now, I just want to kiss her constantly. She doesn’t seem to like it that much since she is giving me the “talk to the hand” gesture. She does that a lot now that I think about it.  
  5. Instead of my normal playlist, I now regularly play baby songs in the car. I even sing along to make her smile. Must look strange for people standing next to me at the stoplight…. Hope my car is airtight and at least the sound is muted (I really cannot sing).
  6. Being upstaged by the Mini and totally loving it. Even when I try to look my best, people will only be eyeing her. I don’t mind. See #4: I am in love.  
  7. Singing or playing the same song for the 17th time just because she loves it. And you are not even annoyed (well not totally annoyed). You just want her to have a good time and if this particular song helps: so be it.
  8. Standing at a party and loving the conversation about babies. Did you know she threw a toy on the ground yesterday? Yes, she can stand when I hold her. She loves peas and sweet potatoes. Fascinating stuff…..and it yet you seem totally captivated by it.
  9. Sharing details about child birth with people you really don’t know that well. Believe me people, after that experience there is not much shame left anymore.
  10. Meeting up with your friends and not even have one decent conversation, because there are children running/crawling around everywhere. Afterwards, you still feel like you chatted a lot. Until baby daddy asks what they said. Euhm, stop eating dirt? ??

What would you add to the list?




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