9 Pieces, 10 outfits: the blazer in focus

I am preparing my summer capsule wardrobe. That is why I had a little style exercise this weekend. The challenge is quite simple: you choose 9 pieces (excluding shoes) and create 9 outfits you really love. Check out the results below ( and if you feel like it, leave a comment which one if your favourite).

A wise woman ( Cher in Clueless) once said “don’t rely on mirrors, take polaroids”. Whenever I take pictures of my outfits, I get her point. Something that looks totally great in the mirror, looks just meeeeh 😕 in the picture. This is also the experience I had when making this post. There is a reason why I am not a world famous fashion blogger as you can see from the grainy, underlit shots below.


Since I love the versatility of blazers for both work and free time, I decided to focus on those. I selected a classic black blazer, one in my favourite colour purple and a sleeveless blazer. If you buy just 1 item this season, I think this should be it. A waisted sleeveless blazer makes everything look better during summer.   


Skirt: Zara// trousers: Drykorn// jeans: Tiger of Sweden

Since I really love the classics, I added trousers, jeans and a pencil skirt. For the tops I went with a print, stripes and a black top.


Shirt: Isabel Marant// Top: Sandro// Striped tank top: &other stories




It takes some time to do this exercice but it gave me some fresh perspectives and inspiration. My favourite outfit is pictured below. Again, do not hesitate to leave your opinion. 



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