30 DAYS IN STYLE: learn how to be a stylist

My biggest learning from capsule wardrobes:  how to style really makes all the difference. I am the kind of type that likes simple outfits: jeans, flats and a sweater. But I also love fashion. So on most days I wear the same plain/ boring thing in 10 different variations (mostly different shades of black). The trick of a good capsule wardrobe is wearing the same garment in different ways. Because I am so bad at this, I overspent/buy too much/ pack too many clothes on a trip. So I tried an afternoon of styling. Here are the pictures (made on my Iphone in the selfie mode without filters hence risk of grainy/blurry pictures or me making weird faces). 

This is one of my favourite blouses that was too tight during my pregnancy but now it fits (jeaj!!!).  

 BLOUSE: second female// TROUSERS: patrizia pepe// SHOES: Zara

Looks kinda boring doesn’t it?

Now let’s try to button it up and wear heels. Every picture looks better with heels. Too bad I cannot walk in them in real life.   JEANS:old H&M// SHOES: old Unisa

Better but still a bit meh. Now let’s add some gold and a hat. A pretty big difference!

SWEATER: old Zara

 Or a bow tie…I have this obsession with bow ties. I love this.  

When you are trying out new looks, there are bound to be some failures as well. I have a pear shaped figure and some clothes just do not suit me. Here are a couple of  looks that are just not that flattering.

Back to my favourite black sweaters.  And for the finale I added a bit of faux fur. That always works.

TROUSERS:Drykorn//SHOES: Won Hundred//SWEATER: Won Hundred

 FAUX FUR: old Zara//HAT: Brixton

How are your styling skills? Are you a pro or like me (=needs time but gets there…after a while).





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