30 DAYS IN STYLE: all about minimalism

The best things in life aren’t things. Just think about it. What was your highlight last year? And the year before? Odds are it is the moment your Mini smiled at you, sitting on a terrace in France zipping a good glass of wine or date night with the Mister on a warm summer night. Yet we cannot open most of the cupboards because stuff keeps falling out (sounds familiar anyone??). In my mission to become a better version of myself, I tried to get rid of stuff. Why? To make room for more important experiences and intentionally live with less. That is why I dedicated 5 days to becoming a (better) minimalist.   


I read an interesting challenge somewhere and cannot remember on which blog it was. So I cannot give credits where credits are due but….it goes as follows. On day 1 you throw away 1 thing, easy enough right? On day 2 you throw away 2 things and the next day 3 things and so on. Try and do that for a full month. I am now at day 20 and I am telling you it is getting hard!

Here is a list of inspiration for you based on my own “crap”: vases you never use, candles that are almost completely burned, old DVDs, socks (get rid of all socks with holes,stains or just the ones. You will never find the other half, let it go), old magazines and books, pens that do not work anymore, t-shirts with holes and/or stains (no, they should also not be used for pyjamas, wear something that makes you feel good/sexy instead), cans of food that you never are going to eat and samples for shampoo or face creams. Throw them away or donate to a good cause, but get it out of your house. If you think of more tips, feel free to leave a comment below.


Earlier on the blog: a post about creating a signature lipstick look (and throwing out all others). Now it was time to take the next step: throwing out everything else I do not need.

I made a list of all the make-up I remember having. Anything that I found that was not on the list, is apparently useless (or I would have remembered owning it). Feels good and my make-up stash has never been more organised.


The Mini does all kind of adorable things every day. Since my Iphone is glued to my hand, I have a million pictures on it. Ok, maybe more like 3000 but still way too much. I opened an account on OneDrive and put all the pictures worth saving in the cloud. There is also Flickr, Dropbox: options enough. Just get them off your phone and organize your moments.

I am also a big fan of actually doing stuff with your pictures, some ideas in this post.


There are a lot of fans of capsule wardrobes and I am one of them. Clean out your closet and start one of your own. Believe me: you will dress better, need less time getting dressed and spend less on fashion.

Here is how I prepare for a new fashion season. And in this post I describe (more or less) how I create a capsule wardrobe.


The laundry potentially creates the biggest challenge in most households. Especially when you have one or multiple Minis, you have to do laundry a lot. Organizing this aspect of your life, makes everything rum smoother, hence makes you happier. Here is how I do it.


  1. Create a system upstairs (or wherever the bedrooms are) where everything gets sorted. I have 4 laundry baskets: whites, coloured, towels and bedding, hand wash. Whenever a basket is full, I take it to the garage (that is where our machine is) and store it there.
  2. Apply the same system in your laundry room. This makes it very easy to see when you need to do laundry in a specific category.
  3. Choose one day every week and do all the laundry you need to do. Why is that? If you spread it out, you will always be running out with baskets (folding,ironing etc.). Eventually everything will be messy again. That is why you do everything in one go. Then choose another day to fold, iron and store everything. This means you are only doing laundry 2 days in the week.
  4. On one of these days, check the closet for clothes that need to air/are in need of mending/have stains. Attend to that as well.
  5. Get a capsule wardrobe: having your clothes properly sorted and stored, helps the laundry as well.

That’s it: 5 days that were all about minimalism and part of my challenge to become a better version of me (read about that here). On to the next, 18 days to go.







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