30 DAYS IN STYLE: 6 days of healthy living

Day 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 of my challenge all revolved around the same theme: healthy living. When I started this series I wanted to blog every day and tell you about my experiences. Yeah that did not happen. Turns out this health thing is really boring. So I bundled all my challenges below (& tried to write about it in an interesting way). 

I have written before about losing those extra kilos after pregnancy. We are 5 months “post-partum” (anyone else hates that word??) and I still look 10 weeks pregnant. Yes the belly still sticks out. So I am trying to clean up my act and eat as healthy as possible. 

*Today was not a good example since I had beers and snacks and fries for diner. I feel really guilty and  strangely satisfied at the same time. Further proof that junkfood is addictive.*

Back to the health thing.  There are 1 million different articles on healthy eating, so where do you start? That is why I decided to start small. Look up a new recipe that claims to be health for you and cook it. I tried one from Jamie Oliver ’s Superfoods book. And yes there are oranges  and shrimps in the picture. Not a likely combi but it tasted really good.

After smoking, sitting has turned out to be pretty bad for you. Walking is good for you. The fresh air, quality time with the Mini, mild exercise: need I say more?   

A good breakfast gets your metabolism going hence using more calories during the day. Just like 80% of this country I like to eat bread in the morning. The big, bad carbs preferably with chocolate on top. So I decided to focus on something protein rich and healthy instead. I do not care what they say. Oatmeal is not my favourite meal.  

I googled it (and we all know Google is always right). Apparently women especially need to work on strength exercises to get/stay in shape. The Nike Training club app is amazing. The exercises are effective and there are many to choose from. Unfortunately they are also pretty gruesome so good luck with that.   

Yes they are awful. But also effective, make your bum look like an 18 year old, fixes that after pregnancy tummy and strengthens your core. Do squats, lots of them.  

I made it a thing to eat recipes with avocado. Turns out avocado, lime and yoghurt are a winning combination (thank you Jamie Oliver). It tastes like guacamole but fresher and healthier. 

These were my daily challenges last week: 7 down only 23 to go…

Xoxo Floor


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