30 DAYS IN STYLE Day 1: play a board game

*This is part of a series about 30 days of self improvement. Check out my manifest here.*When I take the Mini out for a walk during the evening, every house looks more or less the same. People are sitting in front of the television with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Sometimes there is an exception and someone is reading a book. I wanted to change things up and decided to challenge baby daddy to do a old fashioned board game with me. Here is an account of our evening. 


The idea is pretty straight forward. We used to have a lot of game nights with different group of friends. Catan, Cluedo, Scrabble: all are a lot fun and really engaging. For some reason, we forgot about it and don’t do this a lot anymore. The benefits are many according to lots of scientists (read Google results).You get to produce endorphins because you laugh, you train your brain and reduce the stress. Hence the challenge: it is good for you.


I really, really hate the fact that we waste so much time in front of the television watching useless programs. Back in 2002 when I was still studying in Rotterdam I went to visit a friend’s new house. While there I was shocked: where was the television? She introduced me to a totally new concept. How much time would you actually gain if you stopped watching shows you did not want to watch in the 1st place?

I thought about it and came to a rather shocking conclusion: we are watching hours and hours every week. That is when I stopped being a couch potato and only focused on carefully selected programs. This was before Netflix obviously. I still do not watch random television but I have replaced some of that time with watching series. You cannot get everything right the first time around.


Back to our night.

For Christmas we got this new board game called Dominion. It is a highly addictive game that involves strategizing with cards. It took some persuasion but in the end baby daddy caved. He turned off the television and decided to play the game with me.

We ended up having a blast. Of course I lost (I almost always do) but we had fun and the time just flew by so quickly.  I admit, there was also a bottle of red wine involved, but it was real quality time. When the Mini woke up for her last bottle, we let her watch for a little while and even she seemed to enjoy it. Probably she liked the images on the cards or something.


This challenge is definitely a keeper. It bring such a different dynamic to your evening and it is fun. Need I say more?





Een gedachte over “30 DAYS IN STYLE Day 1: play a board game

  1. Super leuk hoor. Weg met de tv, serieus die mag van mij echt de deur uit. Zo af en toe Netflix is prima maar al dat ruis en gezeur gatver! Niet dat ik elke avond braaf een bordspel speel hoor haha.


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