30 DAYS IN STYLE Day 0: the best is yet to come

Happy new year!!! Ofcourse I am going to start 2016 with a resolution AND I converted it into a challenge to make sure I actually stick to it. I called it “30 DAYS IN STYLE” (the blog is called Style in Mini, get it??). The aim: self-improvement a.k.a. a better version of me. Every day I want to spend some time doing things that make me feel good about myself. Then I will blog about it.  This means that I commit to daily blogs from now on for the next 30 days. Below my manifest for this challenge. 


The best version of me is a caring (=quality time with the Mini and baby daddy), considerate (does not forget birthdays, anniversaries and replies to all text messages) , incredibly stylish (obviously), balanced (no moodswings and/or hormonal episodes) and healthy, 30 something woman. I focus on the quality of life and not on the amount of stuff I own. Food and exercise are ways to nourish my body and keep myself as fit as possible.


  • Spend lots of quality time with the Mini, enjoying every minute with her
  • Cooking fresh and healthy meals and try out new recipes regularly
  • Declutter and organise all my spaces
  • Be true to my own personal style and look great at every occasion
  • Spend quality time with other people: baby daddy, family and friends
  • Watch, read and go see interesting stuff: museums, documentaries, movies, books and magazines
  • Spend less time on stuff and more time on activities
  • Exercise regularly to become fit and strong
  • Express myself creatively: write, take photographs and blog


All of the things mentioned above are kind of obvious. When I compare it to the cold, hard reality that is my daily life, I get a better understanding of the challenges before me. Habits are called just that for a reason and they are hard to break. Here are some of the bad habits that I want to break.

  • Endless Netflix sessions on the couch. Sitting there for hours without moving a muscle with my blanket, sweatpants and sweatshirt on. The only breaks include taking the Mini to and from bed, feeding her or making her laugh out loud.
  • Cocooning in the house forgetting to communicate to other human beings (other than baby daddy and child sitters). I am the kind of person that forgets about what’s app messages. Regularly. It’s a thing. Don’t get me started on birthdays.
  • Wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt around the house all the time. So not attractive.
  • Thinking of exercise for the entire day and planning to go. But then end up not going, see bullet number 1 (Netflix, why are you so addictive?).
  • Being too lazy to go to the grocery store in the weekend and end up having nothing proper to eat for the entire week. When you had a long day at work, it is much nicer that the groceries are already in the house. Also I live in the South and sometimes the supermarkt is already closed (or so I tell myself).
  • Having a lot of clothes, perfectly organised in capsule wardrobe but end up wearing the same boring stuff all the time.
  • Think I will look good in the newest trend because person A pulls it off so well. Not every style is flattering on every shape.
  • Have the illusion that I declutter a lot while in reality all of our drawers are stuffed to the max with random objects.
  • Come home from work, eat quickly and move to the couch and randomly play with my Iphone until 10 o’ clock. Then feed the Mini and go to bed. Interesting stuff done: absolutely zero. Time wasted: at least 3 hours.


Every day I am going to take on a new assignment and blog about it. I am hoping for a very positive month.

What’s your new year resolution? Are you doing any challenge?





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