LAZY SUNDAY 3: Movie marathon

It is that time of year again: lots of food, a christmas tree, relaxing by the fireplace, a break from work and good wines. Christmas is the time to indulge. I have been binge-watching movies and episodes of Suits. As part of the lazy Sunday series, here are some tips for you.

  1. Something serious: the documentary

I am a massive fan of documentaries and photography. This one is about the famous photographer Sebastiao Salgado. He lived an extraordinary life documenting events around the globe on his travels. The images are breath taking and his story remarkable. But beware: he documented a lot of suffering on his journeys and part of the film addresses that. Still a must see for people who like this sort of things. IMDB agrees and gives it a 8,4.

2: Even more serious: Baghdad Messi

A few weeks back I went to an amazing event where 3 storytellers presented their work. The theme was the Middle East. The director Sahim Omar Kalifa, who is Kurdish-Flemish, presented his short movie Baghdad Messi which won a lot of awards worldwide.

It is about a boy Hamoudi who is totally crazy about football. The movie is set in Iraq so you can imagine that it is not without drama but it is incredibly positive at the same time. You get to watch children play and argue about the same things our children do. A little bit of normal amidst a crazy world.

The event deserves a blogpost in itself but I never got around to it. It was Thursday night and I came out feeling a lot of positivity about the Middle East. Unfortunately the events of the next day, the attacks in Paris, ruined that vibe. Here is the movie anyway.

3: Dramatic comedy: Pride 

A historic movie based on real life events: Pride. It is a British movie about gays and lesbians supporting the miners. Yes, you read that correctly. It is funny and still deals with serious issues. Also it is just very British. I liked it a lot.

4. The golden oldie: Four Christmases 

I watch this one every year and laugh out loud every time. If you have not seen it yet: shame on you. Watch it! If you have seen it: watch it again.

5. The absolute classic: Sissi, die junge Kaiserin 


I think all of my friends watch this every year during Christmas. Just like Home Alone, it is just not really Christmas until you have seen Sissi. I don’t know if it is the gorgeous dresses, the equally gorgeous Romy Schneider of just the nostalgia of it all. This is just a great movie.

6. The one nominated for an Oscar: The imitation game

Apparently I am really into historic movies because I liked this one as well. It was nominated for an Oscar, Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing in it and it just a good story.

7. The serie: Suits

The pencil skirts, the men, the dialogues: everything about suits is entertaining. Want to know how the sleekest law firm of Manhattan does business? Or see some serious power women step up their game? Suits is heaven.


That’s it. Enjoy your last sunday and hopefully a good Christmas break.

What are you watching?






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