MY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: London’s Pizza East & Boxpark

I love shopping, good food & cities. After living in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for 8 years, I moved back south to a town that has 65.000 inhabitants. I really like it here but sometimes I need break. That is why I frequently go on city trips. Throughout the years, I discovered quite a number of hotspots that I would like to share on the blog. First up: Pizza East & Boxpark in London.

East London is the place to be these days. That is confirmed by the ridiculously high prices and number of design hotels. Shoreditch is one of these hotspots. It is home to Pizza East and Boxpark. They are located right across the street from each other near tube station Shoreditch High Street.


Boxpark is a popup shopping mall completely made from shipping containers. It is home to a lot of small designer brands but also has some concept stores from major brands like Nike. I loved the vibe. Everyone seemed so relaxed and every store obviously tried to distinguish themselves visually. That makes it an interesting place to see. Check out the You Tube video below for an impression.


Pizza East is an all day restaurant specialised in pizza. The vibe is good there and it is really nice to spend an evening there with friends. The pizzas are affordable, fresh and good. Expect a regularly changing menu, an industrial space and a full house.


Picture source: Pinterest




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