Whenever I take a trip I get stressed. In theory I would like to pack light. The advantages are numerous: you can take your bag in the plane, avoid a hernia from carrying your suitcase around, less stuff in your hotelroom etc. However the reality is different. I usually freak out at some point and throw everything I see in the suitcase. Hence, I decided to work on a routine. Here is the process in 3 steps.

Step 1: Analyze your activities

As in all wardrobe planning, you need to start with analyzing your activities. What are you going to be doing? How much time will you spend on different activities? For example if you plan to go to the beach a lot and perhaps have an occasional diner, you really don’t need 6 dressy outfits. Two different bikini’s however might come in handy.

Also think about the weather conditions, the type of fabrics you would like to wear and the shoe requirements. Usually you walk quite a lot on a citytrip so it does not make sense to bring 9-inch heels. But sneakers are not suitable to wear on business trips.

Step 2: Convert your activities into proportions

The next step forms the backbone for your mini wardrobe. Which outfits do you need on your trip? Keep it very general at this stage and talk proportions(=type of outfits) instead of specific pieces in your closet.

For my recent business trip to London I needed 3 formal outfits for work, 1 outfit to wear to diner with my friends and 1 casual outfit for going into town. I converted this into the following proportions:

  • cropped trousers or pencil skirt + long sleeved blouse or light sweater + ankle boots
  • jeans + short sleeved top + ankle boots
  • jeans + long sleeved blouse or light sweater + sneakers

STEP 3: Select & plan your outfits 

Then comes the actual selection process. I made a list based on the previous steps or you can use an outfit planner (check out the one on Lauren Jade Lately for example). In the end I packed 9 items for a 3 day business trip. I managed to fit it neatly into a small suitcase. Mission accomplished.

Do you plan for packing or do you just take whatever comes to mind? How big is your suitcase usually?

Let me know what you think.




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