PLOG: MOMMY’S FIRST TRIP (without the Mini)

Last week I went on my first business trip after getting back to work. I had both been dreading and looking forward to this trip. I love London: always have and always will. I go about 1 or 2 times a year so I was kind of excited to be back there. On the other hand it also meant leaving the Mini behind for 3 whole days. Here is a plog (first ever by the way) to show you how it went. 

DAY 0: the night before

The day before my flight, I obsessively  cuddled and took selfies with the Mini. Also I tried to pack light. After trying on a set of different outfits, I decided on 8 pieces for a 3 day trip.

  DAY 1: saying goodbye

When I left in the morning, she was still sleeping so I just stood there. I won’t lie: it was hard! Also it seems like I have developed a severe fear of flying. I don’t know if it is the new responsibility for a tiny person or all the crazy stuff happening in the world. I was not at ease.  Also I flew to London City and the plane was tiny (it had propellors). I have flown in these kind of planes before but somehow this time it made me nervous. I always call it a flying bus becaus it is so small.

 Yes, I survived and have now been brought to my hotel by the chauffeur! This is my (not so great) view but the location is fab. Right across the street from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. 

 I have to go and visit a startup accelerator. Did not expect much of it but it was quite interesting! Turned out this organisation was like an NGO for startups. Anyway, the space looked cool too and they served good wine after.

After the wine I walked over to the Borough market area (must go by the way), and had a lovely diner at La Arabica with my British friends. The restaurant was amazing. Unfortunately I was so hungry that I ate the food immediately hence no pictures. I did see this on the wall though.

I walked back and admired the City by night.  

The busy schedule helped me take my mind off missing the Mini. When I enter my hotel room, it feels empty. Luckily there is Facetime. She looks at the screen with a look only babies have. I don’t think she realizes it is me. I feel better though.

Day 2: Conference day 

I was there to attend a conference on innovation and it was pretty cool. There was a sketch artist to capture the main messages. 

Also I took a stroll past the Thames by day. 


 Then came my favourite part: going to Carnaby and Oxford street to shop! In London the shops close at 22.00 hours almost every day (the big ones at least) so plenty of time.

 Had diner at Wagamama and took this picture. Two of my favourite brands in one view: Mac and The Kooples.

 Then I walked back again taking the Thames walk. I think it is called the Jubilee walk. Amazed by the number of people still on the streets.    

  Back at the hotel I try Facetime again. So good to see her. After our session I rewatch old videos on my phone. It helps a little. Happy to go home tomorrow evening! 

DAY 3: home sweet home

I hate the idea of having to fly. I have a workshop in the morning whick takes my mind of things.


At the end of the day I take another walk and get some fresh air. I try and do breathing exercises to relax. Also I take selfies.

My flight is delayed so I get home right before midnight. I am so lucky because she is awake. It is so good to hold her!!! I am so happy to see her again. 

I am a very happy mommy right now! It is so good to be back. How was your first trip without your baby? And how do you feel about flying after giving birth?

XOXO Floor 


3 gedachtes over “PLOG: MOMMY’S FIRST TRIP (without the Mini)

  1. Ah drie hele dagen zonder mini…Ik heb er na 7 jaar nog moeite mee 😉 Gave foto’s, vooral die van Charlie & Chanel 😉


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