LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: new sneakers 

I love heels, always have. The way your legs look, the feeling of instant sex appeal, how it dresses up any outfit BUT….they are not very comfortable or practical. Have you ever tried taking a Mini out for a walk or run up the stairs to comfort her in 5 inch heels? In the last year I have become addicted to flats and sneakers in particular. The comfort they offer: it is hard to wear other shoes now. When I first saw these babies I knew instantly: they are going home with me.

I guess by now almost everyone knows the Adidas Stan Smith line. It is all over the blogosphere and almost every respectable fashion blogger is seen wearing them. This is why I was sold immediately on this pair:

  • The straps give them an extra edge and makes them a bit more unique than the regular ones;
  • The animal print on the back: there is no need to explain this further right?
  • They feel so soft when you walk in them
  • The white, the black: monochrome, what is not to like?


What’s your favourite pair of sneakers?

XOXO Floor


Een gedachte over “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: new sneakers 

  1. Ze zijn gaaf! I love high heels, the higher the better maar inderdaad er kleeft een grote BUT aan. Sinds ik kinderen heb kies ik ook vaker voor flatplat.


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