LAZY SUNDAY 2: inspiration from rock legends

Keith Richards is my ultimate rock icon. Seeing him perform live at Pinkpop was one of the 2014 highlights. Rock legends provide me with a lot of inspiration for a lazy Sunday. That is why I compiled this random list to make you feel good. Thank you Mick & Keith. 

  1. WATCH THIS: I love documentaries. So why not include one about the Rolling Stones? Their story is long and fascinating. Crossfire hurricane attempts to capture it all. Check it out. 
  2. DRINK THIS: What is a post about rock legends with mentioning something liquid? But of course we are going to do it in  “mommy style”….Have one good glass of wine. I recommend a Pouilly Fumé white wine. It is really tasty. Or something that has bubbles: always a good idea. 
  3. DO THIS: Check out black and white photography on Pinterest and pick your favourite photo. Print it out, put it in a frame and hang it on your wall. Looks so cool. We have Dylan hanging in our bedroom.  
  4. BUY THIS: Channel the 70s and buy a red lipstick or go for matte pink lips. I recommend the Mac Please me lipstick (I wrote about the lipstick here).  
  5. WEAR THIS: Do what they did: wear a hat and/or fur. Makes you feel glamorous in an instant. Added benefit: it distracts from the bags under your eyes. They got it from partying too much. You got it from those late night sessions with your Mini.  
  6. LISTEN TO THIS: Turn on Spotify and look up the classics. Or just click the clip below. Technically these are not legend but the song rocks.You may jump along.  

    Here are some other classic rock songs for you (for sing along sessions when nobody is watching): Oasis- Wonderwall, Talking Heads-Psycho Killer, Bob Dylan- Like a rolling stone, John Denver- Leaving on a Jet Plane, Lou Reed- Walk on the wild side, Rolling Stones- Satisfaction, Anything from Queen, U2- I still haven’t found, The Beatles- Here comes the sun, Arctic Monkeys- I bet you look good on the dance floor.

  7. READ THIS: Alexa Chung’s it. She writes about her style and inspiration. It contains a lot of pictures of rock stars. Alexa is one my celebrity fashion icons so an absolute must-have for me.
  8. READ THIS TOO: Keith Richards’s Life. I think no further introductions are needed.  
  9. BUY THIS TOO: Speaking of a fur,I love the Zara Mini winter coats. I bought the Mini this furry pink one. How awesome is this coat? She looks adorable in it. Like a pink fluffy bear but less dangerous. Without teeth. Anyway you get the idea.  




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