MUSIC EDUCATION: The Mini meets the Queen (Beyonce of course)

The Mini likes music. When I was pregnant she kicked up a storm when I was playing songs. She heard Muse for the 1st time at Pinkpop, bounced along with Pharrell and she seemed to like Tom Odell. I had good hopes for her music education after she was born. Music (although not too loud of course) is good for the development of a baby so we sing to her a lot and play her songs. It seems like she is starting to develop her own taste (or maybe, as a proud parent, I am attributing too much to her limited abilities). Me and baby daddy have started a little competition to “help” her with the search. 


Every year our town is transformed into a massive drinking pit: the “oktoberfeesten” (a copy of the ones in Munich). Not my type of event but a lot of people seem to like it. It has become bigger than Carnival and believe me: that is a big event in the South of the Netherlands. Anyway, baby daddy likes it and sings German songs to the Mini like this one:

To my dismay, she seemed to relish the song. We have a video of her laughing out loud for the first time after hearing it. Her first sounds when laughing and it is now forever linked to this.


I however have launched a counter offensive. Ever since she was a couple of weeks old we do baby gym in the morning. I move her arms up and down to the music and this is the song I use.

It is never to early to get to know Queen B, right? Right.

When we get bored, we play this song. I think it is good for her development.


German Schlager songs vs Queen B: what is the score so far?

  • She laughed out loud to the German songs. Multiple times. That gives them 1 point.
  • She also laughed when hearing Beyonce (just not so loud): 1/2 point.
  • She moved her arms today for the first time to the beat of the music (sort of): 1 point for the Queen.
  • It is queen B: 2 points.

We win: 1 vs. 3.5 point. Queen B rules.

What does your Mini like to listen or dance to?




2 gedachtes over “MUSIC EDUCATION: The Mini meets the Queen (Beyonce of course)

  1. Haha wat een leuk stuk. Weet je zeker dat je mini haar vader niet uitlachte met zijn Duitse lied? Nee hoor, geintje. Tuurlijk wint Queen B, zeker nooit te vroeg om daarnaar te luisteren. Ik doe altijd het einde van Get Me Bodied met m’n meisjes. Do the Naomi Campbell walk, Naomi Campbell walk, walk across the room like Naomi Campbell. šŸ˜€


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