This article is not about the movie (which is totally awesome by the way). It is about woman being well…straight out mean. Why, why, why do we this? What part of our DNA makes us not support other women out there? Here is a little rant from a mommy who blogs. 


Lena Dunham (creator of Girls and the awesome Lenny letter) is brilliant. She has a body she is proud of. It does not however comply with ideal sizes, nor is she considered slim but she is happy with it. At 29 she is an actress, producer, author, director and screenwriter (thanks Wikipedia).We should all applaud her brilliance every chance we get right? Right?!? Wrong. She gets slammed in the press for wearing an outfit that doesn’t flatter her or entering the stage with her model friends which again doesn’t flatter her. She is the coolest chick ever and confronts the haters head on. Yesterday she wrote this on her Instagram:


Many successful blogs have written about this: how to deal with the haters. Just this morning I was reading the (Dutch) article from LaViesagista about losing weight. She is skinny but she used to be more skinny. After her pregnancy a few kilos proved hard to shake off so she started a diet to learn and live more healthy. People actually called her anorexic. What is wrong with you? So you don’t like an article or you think someone shouldn’t lose weight or you don’t like the tone they use. There is a cross on the top of your page that you can click. It is like magic. The article goes to a land far far away (it is called the internet). Why do some people feel the need to leave hateful comments? Of course it hurts even though most bloggers try to deal with it in style (chapeau). People have different preferences which is ok. If you don’t like something, stop reading it. Do not try and make other people just as miserable like you. Sorry, maybe that was mean too so I will scratch that comment.


Office politics can be brutal. Did you know why so few woman make it to the top of their business? Because we don’t support each other. Women that make it do not help other women get there. An “old-girls network” is virtually non-existent. Let me just share one story. In one of my former employers wining & dining (=a nice word for drinking beers at a “apres-skihut” until the middle of the night) was a thing. One of the female bosses made it very clear she appreciated her staff being social after work. My young (strikingly pretty) female colleague worked for her and took her job very seriously. So she came for beers on Friday and sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday. At her appraisal she actually got reprimanded for this. Her boss (again she was also female) thought she shouldn’t make herself so available to the men in the office. Seriously.


The moral of this story? I try and play nice. Sometimes I don’t like a story. Sometimes I might even be annoyed. Then I click the magic button.

I want to support other women achieve their goals. I participate in mentoring and coaching networks.

I leave nice comments when I see people have put a lot of work in their articles.

At the office I try put on killer dress when I want to get my way. There are advantages of being the only woman in the room. Don’t judge me for that.

On this blog I try and keep a positive tone most of the time. But not today. That’s it. Be nice.




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