LAZY SUNDAY: feel good list to enjoy autumn to the max

I love autumn: the beautiful colours, a new wardrobe, dark lipsticks and nails, red wine and dark beers, the smell of fresh air and pumpkin soup. But it can get even better. This is for all you mommies (and non-mommies) out there who need to recharge. Even if it is just for an hour when the Mini is sleeping or daddy is on baby duty. Below a random list with inspiration to make you feel good on a lazy sunday.  

  1. WATCH THIS: On a rainy day check out the movie Whiplash. The topic: ambition and perfectionism getting out of control. There is a lot of jazz music and good acting in the movie. Miles Teller plays the lead. It is one of those arthouse movies that is just really good. IMDB agrees and gives it an 8.5. Currently it is available on HBO or you can rent it of course.
  2. READ THIS: Have you read Lenny Letter yet? I wrote about the awesome contribution from Jennifer Lawrence in this post 
  3. USE THIS: An excellent method to manage your to do’s: the bullet journal. I started to use it a while back and it really works. It takes some time to figure it out but it is worth the trouble. All those pesky things you really don’t feel like doing, actually get finished. 
  4. BUY THIS: A new season asks for a new nail polish. I love Burgundy. My personal favourite: Dior Vernis Nuit 1947 970.  
  5. DO THIS: The leafs, the fresh air: it is the perfect time to take a long walk in the woods or the beach. Put on your Adidas sneakers, pack up the Mini in a warm coat and go for a nice long stroll.   
  6. LISTEN TO THIS: When you are reading magazines on the couch, you need good background music. Do you know the War on Drugs? A bit Springsteen-esque and serves very well for just this purpose.
  7. WEAR THIS: I am obsessed with hats. It is the season for it. Wear one.  
  8. MAKE THIS: If you have a lot of time, start a scrapbook on something (see also this post). Organize the pictures of your Mini, make mood boards on your personal style or organize your recipes.  
  9. EAT THIS: Freshly made pumpkin soup. There are so many good recipes on the internet and it is easy. Don’t buy the whole pumpkin though. It is hard to cut. Just buy the ones that are already cut into pieces. And go for the healthy recipes without cream or added sugars. There are plenty of good alternatives out there.
  10. FEEL THIS: Sit in front of a fireplace. Because you can.  

Enjoy life peeps.




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