CREATIVE MOMMY: 5 ways to show off your photos

Photography is one of my passions. Hence, I have built an impressive personal photo collection (read: I have a zillion files stashed on different devices). Ofcourse it is much better to actually do something with all those memories. That is why I would like to share different ways to show off your photos. Added benefit: you can have fun during the selection process. 

#1 Print abstract photos on a forex board and hang them on display in your house 


This picture was taken in Berlin (by moi ofcourse, if you want it, you can make a “donation” and I can send it to you 🙂. It is printed on a 45x30cm forexboard via Hema.

#2 Create a photo wall 

Use washi tape to create a photo collage on your wall. There are also many examples on Pinterest that you can check out, using the keyword “polaroid wall” or “instagram wall”.

#3 Capture your holiday memories in a book 


I made books of my trips to Peru, California and Marocco and then forgot all about them. During the move to a new house, I discovered them laying around on the shelfs. It was so much fun to look at these memories again and it brought back so many great moments. Defenitely worth your time.

#4 Print a picture of someone famous and decorate your wall 


Technically speaking this one does not apply to your own photography collection, but I would like to include it anyway. I love those black & white pictures of rock legends in the 60s & 70s. The style, the colours, the incredible coolness: I just love everything about them. So we now have a picture of Dylan in our bedroom.  By the way: the little vest in this picture is just added for extra cuteness.

#5 Make a scrapbook around a specific theme


I am not a master scrapbook maker. But it is kinda fun to make your own book around a specific theme. It is not without reason that children love cutting and pasting so much. A couple weeks back it was babydaddys birthday and I made him a “daddys memories book”. It contains cute photos of the Mini and some space for him to write down comments and capture moments. Other ideas:

  • Stylebook: Capture your personal style in a series of moodboards. 
  • Food & recipes: Put all your recipes and food pictures in a book. Makes it a lot easier to decide on what to eat. 
  • Travelbook: Your little black book with favourite places to eat and see. 

I love this one most. Even writing about it makes me excited and feel like creating a new scrapbook. 

How do you use your photographs? Do you store them away or do you actively try and put them on display? This is defenitely on my list for the rainy autumn afternoons.

XOXO Floor


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