BRANDS WE LOVE: Review of the Stokke MyCarrier 

Stokke is one of these brands I just love: eye for design, high functionability and good quality. When the Mini was a couple of weeks old, she started to cry more (stomach cramps most likely). Carrying her around the house seemed to be the only remedy. The downside: I could not get anything done. Then I had an “Eureka” moment: buy a baby carrier! Reviews on the Internet promised me I could cook, clean (nesting behavior still going strong) and even work on my laptop. After careful consideration I bought the Stokke MyCarrier. Here is my review for a newborn baby.


When buying a baby carrier it is apparently very important that the ergonomics are good. If your baby is not sitting in the right position, she could develop all kind of problems for example at the hips. There are even experts that you can consult to advice you in this. Yes really, they exist. Anyway, the Stokke MyCarrier seems to pass the tests and was developed in close cooperation with physical therapists. Just make sure you check before buying a baby carrier since many (even some very well known brands) do not pass the tests.


When I arrived at the store, I actually thought about buying a different baby carrier. According to the experts (read internet reviews) some other brands are better. Luckily the Stokke MyCarrier was on display and I was sold the minute I put it on. An added benefit: it comes in black and fits my wardrobe perfectly ;-). Also I get really aggresive from multi-coloured babystuff (> 10 colours simultaneously). 

Back to the actual review: for ease of use in the beginning I give the Stokke MyCarrier a 8 out of 10. Here are 3 reasons why. 

  • Despite some other reviews stating it is quite difficult to put the Stokke MyCarrier on, I thought it was a piece of cake. It is already assembled in the box and it looks like a backpack. No problems there.  
  • Also there is a video on the website that explains how to use it in 3 different positions (see the picture below). Right now, I ofcourse only use the newborn position.   
  • Then came the challenging part: putting the Mini in the carrier for the first time. I used it when she was calm and awake. Her eyes widened and she held on tight. But she did not cry. It was quite easy. So the carrier passed the first test. 


The Mini so far seems to like it. However the evidence is not yet conclusive. That is why the Mini rates the Stokke MyCarrier at a 7 out of 10. 

  • HUSH HUSH LITTLE ONE: when she is really upset and I need to do chores around the house, it sort of works. Her biological clock has her crying time scheduled right around our diner time. My line of reasoning: it is much better to have a screaming baby close to you while you cook. At least you can try and comfort her. And if she keeps on screaming, it doesn’t matter that much anyway. 
  • TIME SOLVES EVERYTHING: usually she calms down after 5-10 minutes. I am not 100% sure it is the baby carrier that calms her down, but it helps.  
  • MINI AT THE BEACH: We took the Stokke MyCarrier on our trip to the beach. It is quite difficult to push a stroller around on the sand. The Mini stays reasonably warm because she benefits from your body warmth and the movements rock her to sleep. Daddy looked very proud carrying her around (added benefit for me).
  • THE FACE: The Mini always puts on this very distinctive face when we put her in the baby carrier. Basically she just looks scared. That is whay I am not sure she really likes it.  


Overall I would still rate the Stokke MyCarrier at an 8 out of 10. Its ease of use, design, the colour black and our experience at the beach makes it worth the money.  Buying one will set you back 169 Euro. 

Let me know your own experiences with a baby carrier or just leave a comment. 

XOXO Floor 


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