LET’S TALK BLOGS #2: the self-help chicks

In the “LET’S TALK BLOGS” series I share content that inspires me around a specific theme. Today: self-help blogs to improve your life. These ladies share tips on creating a better life using their own signature style. These are not blogs about pretty pictures (although they look good). Here content is really king. The most important question: “How to…” followed by a series of tips & tricks. These are my top 3 picks. 


I have been a fan of Lianne for years now. She reads a lot of books, makes podcasts, loves yoga/running/lists AND she is funny. Her personal stories are refreshing and brutally honest. In 2014 she did a “50 days until 2014-challenge” which was hilarious. She gave herself a self-help assignment every day and wrote about it. Assignment vary from “Do nothing” to ” channel your role models”. Inspiring stuff that makes me want to make a list of my own (as you know I love lists, like the Day Zero project). You can check out all of her assignments in the overview. For me she is the queen of self-help blogs.


Ofcourse I just HAVE to include a blogger about minimalism in this list. If the self-help hipster is the queen of self-help blogs, Into Mind is the queen of minimalism. Anuschka is interested in all things minimalist and writes about everything she learns. I love, love, love this blog and cannot recommend it enough. The how to guides, the pictures,the style: everything about it is perfect. Check it out if you want to get inspiration about closet organisation, capsule wardrobes, decluttering and simple living. Also she published a workbook about personal style and the perfect wardrobe that you can check out and buy here.


How to become a success in every area of life. That is the tagline of Visionary life. This is an all Dutch blog owned by Deisy.  She seems very down to earth and nice. Posts are often written in the form of lists (5 things to do/improve/learn etc.). This makes her blog very easy to digest although she is definitely not afraid to raise some sensitive issues. “Pretty Genius” is her weekly feature. She intends to convey random facts/lessons/knowledge in these articles. Most of the time she uses it to illustrate her life in a funny way. For example how she loves her dishwasher, her efforts to exercise more, how DIY stuff takes up a lot time etc. A lot of personal stories on this blog but also a lot of self-help topics like personal development and positivity.

Did you know any of these blogs? Are there any other blogs that you would like to recommend?

As always, let me know if you like!



ps click here for LET’S TALK BLOGS #1: inspiring business chicks


3 gedachtes over “LET’S TALK BLOGS #2: the self-help chicks

  1. QUEEN OF SELF HELP OH STOP IT YOU (no keep going)

    How nice of you to mention me – thank you so much! And I personally love Deisy too, she IS very down to earth yet positive.


  2. Deisy volg ik met plezier en Lianne en Into Mind ken ik niet, altijd leuk om andere blogs te ontdekken op zo een manier.


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