AUTUMN LIPSTICKS: downsizing my make-up stash

While incorporating a more minimalist lifestyle, I have been on a mission to downsize and organize everything. It  might have something to do with nesting behavior but I like organizing. It feels so good to throw away stuff. Anyway, my make-up drawer has been the focus lately. The goal: settle on a couple of different looks for the season and stick with it. I am loving 3 different lipstick looks for autumn: neutral, bold red and burgundy. 

When inspecting my bathroom drawer, I found around 15 different lipsticks. Half of them lacked quality or were way too old. Did you know make-up has an expiration date? After throwing these out the hard part started: throwing away the “just in case” stash. Lipsticks I didn’t really wear anymore but someday they might come in handy.

How to solve that? Just give yourself the “do you really really really love it” speech. When I was being honest with myself: a lot of these lipsticks were a bit meeeeh/blegh/mmmm. So I kept only the ones I loved and donated others to family and friends.

The result: 6 lipsticks.They are all from my favourite make-up brands (my personal holy trinity): Dior, Clinique and Mac. 


For a more neutral look, I stick to natural colours. This is for the days I have to get ready fast (which is most days since the Mini takes up a lot of time) or to complement a casual look (again this is most days since I do not go out that much). That is why I have 3 different variations for this look: lipgloss, matte lipstick and a chubby stick from Clinique.

After reading raving reviews from fellow bloggers Live life gorgeous, I settled on the Mac Please me lipstick (pictured below).

When my lips are dry or I just feel like putting on lipgloss, I use Dior Addict fluid stick whisper beige (219).


Red lips: makes such a statement and spices up any oufit. I love it. I use this for parties or to brighten up my look. It goes well with an all black outfit or a white blouse. I use the Dior Rouge 999 (I described the search for a perfect red lipstick in an  earlier blogpost, this post also includes pictures).


Last but not least one of my favourite colours: burgundy. The first picture below shows the Chubby stick 08 grandest grape from Clinique. I really love my chubby sticks. They are easy to put on and hydrate dry lips. I also use a Mac mineralise rich lipstick (lush life) as you can see in the third picture below. As you can see it is much brighter than the chubby stick. I use this for more bold looks for example when I am going out to diner.

So for autumn I will be wearing neutrals, red or burgundy. What is your colour palette like? And how many lipsticks do you own?




4 gedachtes over “AUTUMN LIPSTICKS: downsizing my make-up stash

  1. Knap werk van 15 naar 6 lipstickjes. Misschien moet ik die toilettas ook maar screenen 😉 maar nee ik heb toch echt vier mascara’s nodig.

    MAC please me ziet er heel mooi uit, staat je goed.


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