BEST BRANDS FOR MINI’S: To the moon & back

Shopping for Minis is like entering a (really expensive) jungle. There are so many brands/webshops/stores out there. When I got pregnant, I tried to get some kind of overview but there are just too many to consider. There are some brands I do really love though. I have written before about CarlijnQ and today I would like to highlight another awesome brand: To the moon & back

Here are 5 reasons why I like this brand.

  1. The printed pants are too cute and look great on the Mini. I bought 3 pair of them and she wears them a lot.     
  2. The quality and fit is good: I have washed them now a number of times and the Mini has grown significantly. The pants however still fits well and is in good shape.
  3. Since the printed fabrics are already a statement, you can combine them with basic (and therefore cheap) shirts or onesies. I like the ones from Hema.
  4. They have matching headbands. Blair Waldorf would approve.   
  5. A new addition to the collection: the bat mask dress. It comes in black and white and has a straight fit. If you wear a loose fit, oversized dress (from any of the Scandinavian brands for example) you can match your outfit with the Mini. I might be taking it too far and “twinning” is not for everyone but I am a fan.            

What do you think? Like?




4 gedachtes over “BEST BRANDS FOR MINI’S: To the moon & back

  1. Leuke broekjes! Ik moet me wat ihouden qua kinderkleding want de kasten puilen hier al uit (wel grotendeels tŵeedehands). Die toffe zwart-wit-kaartjes hebben wij ook! Ik zou de hele reeks wel willen kopen, maar dat is ook wat overdreven, he.


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