FIT MOMMY: getting back in shape

You know those post-pregnancy pictures from celebrities and models where their body looks perfect again? It seems like a sham to me because in real life people don’t look like that after giving birth. The Mini is 6 weeks old now which means it is about time that Mommy gets back into shape. After she was born, my pregnancy kilos diminished quickly and the belly started to shrink. Until it didn’t anymore. Also wine is back on the menu (hell yeah!!) which does not help. So now I am stuck with 2-4 kilos (depending on the number of wine glasses I consume) and a belly bump. I am not allowed to go to the gym yet, so what to do? 


First of all, I still try to limit the amount of sugars I consume. That fact that I am susceptible to pregnancy diabetes, probably indicates sugar is not good for my body.  So I am sticking with my newly acquired habits. I avoid added sugars as much as possible, eat everything in wholegrain and stack up on vegetables. Last week I passed the chocolate rack in the supermarket and I felt like it was calling for me. It was hard but I got over it. When my cravings get really bad, I try to make sweets as nutritious as possible. Like eating Nutella on my sandwich or a banana oatmeal muffin. I have to admit it is actually not as bad as it sounds. After 6 months I am kind of used to it. And sometimes I eat a brownie (but also with less added sugar): that helps. Below my little relapse moments and the one and only ice cream I ate.


Much like a kangaroo, my body thinks it needs a pouch to keep the Mini in. Apparently it has never heard of Maxi Cosi or Joolz.  They never tell you this beforehand but that bump is going to stick for a while after giving birth. Unless you are Doutzen Kroes or some other supernatural being. And I am not allowed to do crunches for medical reasons. So my method: I stare at it every day and try on my high waist jeans. A couple days ago it almost fit…but not really. There is no shortcut, my belly just needs time.


I have said it before and I will say it again: I love wine. I am not talking about that cheap wine they serve in a bar to get people to dance (read drunk). I am talking about 2 glasses of good, tasty wines before or after diner. Pinot Grigio, Moet & Chandon, Merlot, Cremant de Bourgogne, Cava, Pouilly-Fume: the good stuff. When we went to Burgundy last summer I made babydaddy stack up on wines. I really enjoyed the first glasses so much and those bottles from Burgundy. Unfortunately it does not help with the kilos, Whatever: I am not going to quit but I am limiting myself to 2 nights of drinking a week. Ok, maybe 3.


I am not allowed to run yet so technically this should say “walk mommy walk”. After reading about the importance of walking 10.000 steps a day, I decided to track my movements with my iPhone. There is a little error margin but still the results startled me. For the pedometer to work I need to carry the phone around all day. Sometimes it needs to charge or I forget it. Still my average number of steps were very low. Sure I cuddle with the Mini in the morning but was I really this inactive? I started walking daily for 30 minutes a day. But that still was not enough. Doing 10.000 steps a day is hard. Even when I walk for 1 hour I cannot hit the target. It did make me realise that I need to move around more and include daily walks into my routine. Especially with the perfect autumn sun I am really enjoying those.

So that is it: there is no shortcut for shedding that babyfat just maintaining healthy habits. Do you have any tips? How long did it take you to get back in shape?

XOXO Floor


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