MOMMY LOVES… Maje and Bijenkorf

There are some brands that just fit with your personal style and preferences. They have the right quality and always come up with new products that you love instantly. Throughout the years my list of favourite brands has been pretty consistent. Clinique for skincare, Mac and Dior for make up, Nike for fitness clothes AND French brand Maje for fashion. Unfortunately the online shop does not ship to the Netherlands (oh the horror, I hate shipping restrictions) and the nearest store is located in Brussels. So today I did a little victory dance because Bijenkorf has started selling the Maje collection online. 

Maje is part of a group of French brands that are considered to embody the Parisian spirit. Others include The Kooples, Sandro, Comptoir des Cotonniers and Claudie Pierlot. They are often located closely together in fashion districts not far from the high-end luxury brands. In London for example, you can find them in Soho. They are actually a good indicator of nice shopping areas in major cities.

Just note: none of these brands are cheap and the fit is small. The clothes are made for skinny Parisian girls and as a Spanish shop clerk once said to me: “200 years of potato eating cannot be undone in a few years”. Thanks for that by the way.

I usually invest in a few pieces every season. I buy them whenever I am in a major city or in France. Also there is a Maje & Sandro outlet store in Maasmechelen that I go to quite regularly. The prices are much better there and a lot of the pieces are good basics regardless of the season.

The new collection looks pretty good to me. If you want to check it out, go to the Bijenkorf site.  Below items that are on my wish list:

What are your favourite brands? Did you know Maje? As always, leave a comment if you like.




Een gedachte over “MOMMY LOVES… Maje and Bijenkorf

  1. Ik ken het merk Maje niet. Dank je wel, nu wel dus 😉 I like it. Gaaf dat de Bijenkorf het verkoopt. Ik hou van de Bijenkorf.


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