MOMMY’S PHOTODIARY: Week 3 with the Mini

This week I am finally starting to feel like myself again so we did quite a lot. The Mini is already 3 weeks old. Where did the time go? Below our little photo diary. 

After being stuck in the house for the last few weeks, I had my first outing. We went to do some administrative stuff. I could not really walk or sit properly yet. And it was raining. Still nice to be outside again.  

We had some visitors to admire the Mini. This was the cutest guest. Look at her posing with the little Nikes on.  
I make Polaroids of all visitors and put them up on the wall.  Also I plan to put them in a scrapbook later on.

I took the Mini on our first solo trip to Babypark. It “only” took me one full hour (and a lot of energy) to get the Joolz and the Maxi Cosi in the car.  At least we got what we came for: a baby carrier.

Naturally I did some research because apparently there are like 50 different baby carriers. Although the Internet recommended a different one, I bought the Stokke Carrier. It has good ergonomics for the Mini ( important for the development of the hips) and it is easy to put on. She needs more time to get used to it, but we did our first test runs.

In the mornings we cuddle. And pose for selfies.

Mommy and babydaddy had a date night and went out to diner. I had Prosecco (whoehoe). I did not miss many things when I was pregnant. Wine however…look at my happy face.

Also I had my first Ice cream since well…I really cannot recall. Probably in a year or so??? Again:happy face!

About that bump: I tried on some outfits for the new season. Although the post baby belly keeps shrinking every day, I still look around 10 weeks pregnant. Oh well, give it time. At least my jeans seems to fit.

And finally we received a lot of gifts from family and friends. Miffy is pretty popular. She is not impressed.  Also she wears a lot of pants from to the moon and back, how cute are they? 

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Een gedachte over “MOMMY’S PHOTODIARY: Week 3 with the Mini

  1. Een geweldige happy face met wijn! Mooie foto’s en die Nike schoenen zijn fantastisch. Shallow me kinderen in merk zijn gewoon leuk om te zien.


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