BUY LESS BUT BETTER: how to incorporate fall trends into your wardrobe

Based on my personal signature style, I have made a wish list for autumn (Sept-November). This list mainly contains essential items for my wardrobe that are versatile and of high quality. But what to do with the fashion trends? How do you incorporate these into your wardrobe without the risk of going on a shopping spree? I decided to do another attempt at the 5 piece French wardrobe (read about my earlier attempt here). The idea is to buy only 5 (on trend) items per season. That sounds like an ideal way to limit the number of pieces you buy per season and still incorporate fashion trends into your wardrobe. 


Before I dive into this further, let’s discuss the rules. The rules are very simple: you make your own rules. You need to find a system that works for you, your style & budget. There are some best practices however that you can use as inspiration. Basics don’t count, so you need to have a very solid basic wardrobe in place. Also, functional wardrobe items (like sports outfit, pyjamas etc.) are usually not included. Accessories count if you use statement pieces, but in most cases these are also considered basics. And finally: you should buy only 5 items per season. How you define “a season” is up to you. I try to make a split between autumn/winter and spring/summer. This means my 5 pieces should cover 6 months.


The seventies are big this fall. Flared trousers, suede a-line skirts, printed dresses: I definitely want to incorporate some of these fun items into my wardrobe. But I also want to stick to my checklist that I use when buying something new.

  • Is the item true to my signature style?
  • Does it have the right fit and fabric?
  • Do I really love it?
  • Can I style it in different ways?
  • Is it the best version of an item I want in my closet?

The flared trousers seem to become so big that I am going to include these into my basic wardrobe. I plan to buy 1 pair of jeans and 1 for work, like the one below from Drykorn. The same goes for a skirt. I love wearing skirts and I think it makes sense to invest in one item I really love. Below some of my favourites from The Kooples and Zara.


So which other “on trend items” would I buy? Which trends do I love most? To explore that, I created a mood board on Pinterest. Also, the September issues are out and since I have a lot of time on my hands (“supposedly” due to maternity leave, in reality a screaming Mini proves to be a challenge), I can catch up on my reading. (Sidenote: the Vogue September issue is actually amazing. The theme is “forces of fashion” and Beyonce is on the cover.) Making a mood board is actually an essential step in the whole process. If you do not take the time to do this, the risk of impulse buys becomes pretty big and it is much harder to limit your choices.  For example, in May I bought a lot of new items and blogged about it. Although I really love the different items, I have to admit I did not really think it through which resulted in at least 1 impulse buy (the black dress of which I own 5 other versions).


I am taking the same approach as the blog AfterDrk. I am not going to buy the 5 items all at once but allow myself to buy 1 item each 6 weeks.  That means my list will probably change. Right now the following pieces are on my shopping list:

Dress: & Other Stories // Striped dress: Selected Femme // Blouse: The Kooples // Faux fur jacket: Zara // Blouse: Second Female 

I really feel the 5 piece wardrobe works for incorporating trends into your wardrobe. If you would like to comment on your favourite item, the trends you are excited for or something nice: please feel free.



Please note: none of these pictures are mine and the rights are owned by the stores that are mentioned in the links. The cover photo is taken from Pinterest. 


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