CONFESSIONS OF A MOMMY WHO BLOGS #2: are we all a bunch of narcissists?

We are all guilty of it. We write about our life as if it is the centre of the universe. What we eat, do on a random day, what we buy, where we go on holiday, what our Mini is wearing: it is pretty random when you think about it.  Today’s topic: are we all a bunch of narcissists? Why do we feel everything we do is so damn interesting and even stranger feel the need to document it? And why it is so interesting (and addictive) to read? 


I follow a whole bunch of blogs and try to engage as much as possible by leaving comments. When I am busy or tired (Mini kicking up a storm), I sometimes fall into a thing I call “the production trap”. My focus returns to the most important person (me, myself and I) and I feel a strong need to publish awesome blogposts.  Because what would readers think if I don’t post something for a few days or even a week?

Instead of being social and engaging with other blogs, I stop reading and just focus on my own work. Then I realise this is just wrong. This blog is about me SHARING my experiences as a mommy-to-be with the world. So I try and balance “creation of own work” with “reading other blogger adventures”.

Oh, and I installed the app Day One for keeping an online journal: just for me and about me.


Being original & authentic has always been quite important to me. I don’t like standard content that everyone can write. That is why I usually pick a topic and explore different angles in 1 post. However, sometimes I just fail. My worst post that I am definitely not proud of: “Building the nest: my favourite items“. It just lacks everything. It is standard, badly written, not engaging at all and plain boring. Why would anyone care about this?

Sometimes, you are looking for blog content and just decide to go with the topics that everyone uses. I am not saying that is always a bad thing but who really wants to read about your cat sleeping on the couch or your Mini being cute in a picture. I try to avoid being a copycat and give an original twist to every topic.

Only for shopping I make an exception. I love posts about the 5 things I want for autumn/spring/summer/a party or what I love about collection X. What can I say: shopping is apparently higher on my list than originality.


Let’s talk social media shall we? They are called social for a reason because they are about engaging with other people. Last week I checked some of the most popular accounts on Instagram. OMG, I was a bit shocked. We all know Paris Hilton is an airhead with very little talent so it came as no surprise that her account lacks imagination and is just plain boring. But there were others: Miley Cyrus who manages to either pose naked or smoking something that looks like a joint in half the pictures. Seriously?? And then there is the queen of selfies: Kim Kardashian. I do not get it. She has one of the most followed accounts in the world and the only thing she posts is pictures of her making a duckface 5 times a day. And 42,5 mio people in the world look at this every day (roughly the size of the entire population of Argentina). Did I mention she herself follows 91 people? Seems pretty narcissistic to me. But I still check Instagram about 5 times a day so it does not get boring for some reason.


So yeah, we are maybe a bit narcissistic on our blogs and on the social media. But, I love reading about real women with real problems, challenges and successes. I sometimes feel annoyed when I read magazines because everyone is so damn perfect. And it is always about the same persons (celebrities/ PR savvy people in & around Amsterdam). So let’s just keep focusing on our boring lives and sharing random stuff. For me at least, it is fun to read and to see.

As always, leave a comment if you want!



 About the series:

Inspired by other bloggers, I am doing a series and share some random confessions about my attitude towards blogging and keeping it real. Also I would like to reflect on my motto “determined to remain true to my style and ambition”.  Again these are my stories so I am not saying every blogger should adopt my policies nor am I rejecting different choices. This is my blog and these are my stories. 

#1 The truth on posing, using filters and styling outfits for the blog


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