BEING OVERDUE / 40+ WEEKS PREGNANT: are the cliches all true?

Last Friday I was 40 weeks pregnant. The Mini should be here by now but she is not. Apparently she is in no rush to meet the world. Below I explore some myths & legends about being superpregnant and share my own experiences. Are they true or false? Apparently I am a walking cliche because for me most of them seem true enough.


Check, I am being super difficult to baby daddy. Little anecdote: baby daddy is doing some work in the garden, minding his own business. I am upstairs cocooning in our bedroom with my essentials: the Apple family (laptop, Iphone, Ipad), a creditcard, my camera and Netflix. He comes upstairs to keep me company. I give him a look. Why is he here? Did he take a shower yet? It is beyond bitchy. He means well but he is in my domain. He asks: “what are you watching?”  I am annoyed about the messy clothes (from the garden work) and just want to be left alone for my Netflix marathon (sophisticated stuff like Pretty Little Liars & Once upon a time). He tries to connect but gives up after 15 minutes and takes that shower. I am not stopping him.


Oh they mean well. All your friends are also waiting for the arrival of the Mini. So they send you heartfelt messages. And? Do you feel something yet? Are you in labour (Seriously?? If I was I wouldn’t answer)? Why aren’t you answering (because I get 10 messages like this and I don’t feel like replying all day long)? This myth is definitely true and not a lot of fun. Since my natural style is very direct, the messages have decreased in the last days. I think people are sensing my annoyance (see also #1 pregnant women are moody).


For me false: my insomnia started somewhere in the 3rd trimester and is still going strong. A typical night looks like this: I play with my phone and go to the bathroom at least 8 times. I turn a lot and try to wriggle the feeding pillow away from baby daddy. Around 2 o’clock I finally start to feel drowsy. Yes, I might catch some sleep! I see the clock turn to 2.30 and then I wake up in the morning. I am relieved. I managed to fall asleep after all. So I don’t sleep a lot but I don’t know how it is for other women.


More or less true. T-shirts become too short to cover the massive bump. Other clothes become too tight. You’ll want to be in your pyjamas most of the time anyway. Netflix marathons don’t require a stylish outfit. When I do go out, I wear dresses which still seem to work.


Very true for me! Let me tell you about my new best friend: Mr. Swiffer. Every morning when I get up I take out the Swiffer and clean the floor. Since I cannot bend down too much anymore, I make baby daddy sweep up all the piles of dirt I gathered around the house. Of course he does not take action immediately which means we have little Swiffer piles all over the house. Also I obsessively sweep the terrace (what is it with cleaning floors that I find so compelling?), remove all finger stains from the oven and do a lot of dusting. I normall hate to clean the house, so this is really out of character for me.  I hereby reconfirm that nesting behaviour is a real thing.


I vowed not to be waiting for the Mini to arrive and just be relaxed about it. This is getting harder every day. I give myself daily pep talks but they only work half the time. I am anxious about childbirth, the Mini’s health, the 1st days and curious what she looks like. It is “only” the biggest event of your life after all. And the messages from #2 definitely don’t help. I keep saying I want what is best for her and me. Her healthy arrival is all that matters. That helps, but it is time. Come on Mini!

XOXO Floor


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