LET’S TALK BLOGS #1: inspiring & authentic businesschicks

In the “LET’S TALK BLOGS” series I share content that inspires me around a specific theme. Today: business chicks that know how to build a career and have their own signature style. These are definitely women I admire since they seem to have so much passion for what they do. On top of that, they write great content and seem to remain pretty original. Check out the list below. 


I know the big blogs are always a cliche and I always try to look for hidden gems. Having said that, Yara just rocks on Chapter Friday. I am a big fan. And yes I follow her Instagram account and get slightly annoyed how perfect she looks.  She seems to have a sense of humour, a killer smile, looks like a model (but more accessible) and writes for women who want to achieve a successful life. The girl’s got it all (jealous much?). I especially love the “career stories” series that includes interview with kick-ass woman like a Boeing 737 pilot and a ballerina.


She happens to be married to someone I know and therefore I have been following her blog & business from the very start. Denise knows how to have big dreams and is not afraid to go after them. She decided to leave her well-paid job and start her own lifestyle advice business inspiring women to be more successful. And boy oh boy, did she manage to do just that. She wrote 2 books, has been featured in major magazines and pretty much booked up always. In her blog she writes about money mindset for women. And did I mention she has a small baby girl and is quite funny?


Another big one but equally inspiring. It seems that some of the best blogs about business chicks that I know are super famous. She has a series on career stories that is very inspiring. She interviews business people of all trades about their daily routines, career development and personal anecdotes. Some of them come from the fashion industry but she also interviews successful lawyers or entrepreneurs.

As always, leave a comment if you know a blog you would like me to check out or just want to say something.




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