MINI STORIES: July on Instagram

In essence Instagram pictures are mini stories in their own right. In this post I am looking back on the month July using my posts. I actually keep 2 account. Since I do not want to spam everyone about all things concerning the Mini, I created a separate account (@styleinmini). This is where I post all the bump pictures, cute outfits etc. My other account (@floorschmeitz) is intended for my personal photos and shots from my business. Here comes July in pictures. 

My maternity leave started. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that in the beginning but I em enjoying every minute of it. Thumbs up for “me-time”! I took a little trip to Maastricht and enjoyed a beer (alcohol free of course) including lunch at Cafe Zondag.

Since I am suffering from pregnancy diabetes, I should refrain from sugar. I found this great recipe of sugarless, chocolate energy bars (koekjes van Loes) and I absolutely love them. So I made these. Actually I made these 3 times, so good, mjam. 

I wore a lot of black. Like really a lot. And dresses as well, you can read about that here.

Bought the cutest vest & hat for the Mini in monochrome. Cannot wait to see her in it.

Since I do not fit into most of my clothes anymore (bump too big or shirts just becoming too short), I focused on skincare and makeup this month. I ended up buying my new favourite lipstick: Dior Rouge. It is so convenient to just put on red lips and done is your look!

I did a pregnancy photoshoot with my friend. Very happy with the result and it was a fun afternoon. I also had my baby shower, but I already posted a video about that.

Rediscovered the awesome cards and posters from Crisp Sheets that I am definitely going to use as art in the house.

My nesting behaviour reached a new peak. The Swiffer is my new best friend. It took some time but finally the house is done! No more mess, no more stuff in random places: I am very happy!!! Below our little lounge corner.

I do not know if this is fueled by nesting behaviour, but I have been obsessing about getting a new, proper bike. I cannot wait until the Mini is big enough to go for a ride (but in reality this will take a long time). So I bought one and took my bump for a spin. I did get some stares but whatever: it was fine!

What was your July highlight? Do you use Instagram a lot? On to August!




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