APPLIED MINIMALISM: on personal style & the autumn wish list

As a self proclaimed “applied minimalist” I try to take lessons on wardrobe planning from the likes of Into Mind to heart. My goals are to stick to a signature style, spend less time getting dressed, look better and shop with more focus. The overarching goal: joy & happiness (high five for mommy!).  Right now I have started preparations for the new season and created a wish list. Below the full story and hopefully some inspiration for your own wardrobe.

My wish list for autumn looks like this.

–>Want to know how I got to this point, read on! Below I explain how I got to this list based on my signature style, moodboards, wardrobe planning and shopping with a mission.

–>If you are just looking for inspiration yourself, you can stop reading (but you are always welcome to leave a comment!).

Autumn moodboard


I am (slowly) developing a better sense of my signature style. This is usually where I start. The keywords for me are: black, white & blue, french chic, minimalistic, leather & lace, soft fabrics, statement sweaters, high quality fabrics and always fitted/skinny bottoms. I love eyeliner, rose gold jewellery and messy (but well cut) hair. So step 1 is usually all about selecting pictures on Pinterest that fit my style as the ultimate source of inspiration. That wasn’t too hard, was it?


Then I move on to the reality that is my wardrobe. I go through the pieces fit for autumn and thrown them on 4 piles: keep (=love them still), maybe (=store them away and might take them out later), donate (=give them to people that might like them like my mom or friends) and throw away (=things with holes).  When I am finished, I have around 60-70% of my autumn wardrobe ready.


Based on my signature style/what I would like to wear, I make a shopping list of items I should buy. Preferably ones that are versatile and I can wear a lot. In reality I am better at buying statement pieces. So needless to say, this poses a challenge. After some editing/analyzing/thinking, I create a wish list and put the items in my Wunderlist app (more on the joys of lists in this post). I am a bit of a shopaholic so lists help me focus during the season. When I have a pile of clothes in the fitting room and I am in doubt, I get out the list and check if I really need this item. It works for about 50% of the time.


After I have my wish list, I can start the search for the best items and look at all the new collections. Since I try to avoid impulse buys, I pin everything I see to my “AUTUMN WARDROBE// Wish list” board. I can decide later on which ones I am really going to buy based on my budget.

This is how I make my wish list for a new season. If you have any questions, helpful suggestions or comments, please let me know. Am also very curious what your essentials will be for autumn.



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