MOMMY LOVES IMAGES: How my maternity leave sparked creativity

I am usually a very busy bee (aren’t we all…). After work, keeping up with the house, getting & preparing food, sports and social activities, there is just not a lot of time left for hobbies. Since my maternity leave started, I have a lot of extra time on my hands. Some of that time is consumed by boring administrative stuff, medical appointments  and ordering new curtains, but in general there is still lots of time left. Interestingly enough, I always become more creative when I have more free time. This usually happens when we are on holiday, during christmas breaks and now also during my maternity leave. Photography and video are my passions, so check out this week’s projects below.


Yesterday my friend threw me a small and very relaxed babyshower. I had my heart set on making a short video. So I made my friends pose & wave. This is the result in stop motion (I cut out all the eye rolling and in the end they seem to like it).


I love light leaks in photography. I spent quite some time finding the best apps to edit my pictures and converting them to little pieces of art. Also I have some sleeping issues and playing with your Iphone actually helps kill time during the night. Fotor and Afterlight provided me with the best results.   PRACTICING PRODUCT SHOOTS

Who doesn’t love all the Instagram-like snapshots of beautiful products against a crisp white background? Turns out they are not so easy to make. So I watched this video on blog photography by Ghostparties and practiced my skills afterwards.

   Let me know your thoughts, tips, favourite apps or random comments below. XOXO Floor


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