SIGNATURE MAKE-UP LOOK: Dior bold Red lips

I have always admired the classic movie stars that seemed to have an effortless chic style. Black figure hugging dresses, long wavy hair and bold red lips. Many French woman swear by a good red lipstick to turn your day outfit into a revamped night version. You just need one to look great in flaming, bold red lips. But how do you decide which one to buy and which ones are the best?


First you have to define for yourself when you are going to use this lipstick and how often. This determines your investment strategy. If it is a one-time thing (in generally I wouldn’t applaud that but if it works for you why not), you should not invest too much.

I am really a very lazy person when it comes to make-up. Basically whenever I am tired (or just don’t feel like it), I wear nothing at all. I don’t really get away with it (people asking “are you tired” a lot). Since expected sleep deprivation (=arrival of the Mini) will probably not enhance my skin tone, I need a “pick-me-up”. The requirements are simple:

  • The lipstick needs to last. When I put lipstick on, I don’t like to fuss about every hour or so and reapply;
  • The color needs to look great with my skin tone;
  • I want to buy only one that I use over and over.


Google is a very reliable source nowadays. I found that there are 3 stand-out red lipsticks: Chanel, Dior Rouge 999 and MAc’s Ruby Woo.

I decided on the Dior Rouge 999. I would like to say it was a deliberate choice, but that is not entirely true. I considered buying the Ruby Woo from Mac but that required a trip to Maastricht and I didn’t feel like going. When I tried it on, it matched all of my requirements so I decided on the Dior.

(Please note one of my favourite photographs is also in the picture. You can read more about art in the house here.)


The plan is to wear this lipstick  a lot whenever: (a) I am tired and would like a quick fix, (b) I go out to a party and (c) I am wearing all black for contrast.
What is your favourite red lipstick? And what is your go-to bold make-up look?




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