CONFESSIONS OF A MOMMY WHO BLOGS 1: on posing & using filters

Inspired by other bloggers, I want to do a series and share some random confessions about my attitude towards blogging and keeping it real. Also I would like to reflect on my motto “determined to remain true to my style and ambition”. I am not saying every blogger should adopt my policies nor am I rejecting different choices. This is my blog and my philosophy. Ofcourse I hope my blog and the topics I write about resonate with other woman. But it is NOT my main goal to please the audience. I am going to be a mommy and the whole journey is life-changing, wonderful, exhilarating and freaking me out at the same time. That was and still is the reason that I started this blog: to share my stories. Do read on for my first confessions on posing, filters and styling outfits for the blog. 


Depending on the brand, I am a size 36-40 (before baby bump of course) and I am 1.65m tall. I have curves and although I try and eat healthy foods I am addicted to chocolate, a good glass of wine (twice a week when not expecting a Mini) and banana muffins. I love jumpsuits and like to think I look as amazing in them as the willowy, blonde models that advertise them but I really don’t. They make me look big, short and just plump (most of them anyway). I don’t have many, different facial expressions I use on pictures and I ALWAYS (really always) feel slightly awkward. This does not make me world’s greatest poser. But as you can see, I still post pictures of me in different outfits. Why?

Because when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to stay true to my style. I found very little inspiring fashion styles or advice from normal woman with normal bodies. Either you get the willowy models in maternity outfits , celebrities or professional fashion bloggers with a million followers. I decided, at the very least I would share my own style tips for a growing bump and changing body shape.  My signature pose: Hand in hair, sort of smiling


Some random facts about the production of the outfit photos I post on this blog:

  • I don’t like to wash my hair too often or style it too much in general (I am really very lazy in this respect). That is why I usually shoot several outfits when I happen to have a good hairday and actually styled my hair. I do wear the outfits in real life but just maybe not at that exact moment.
  • My Iphone is the best assistant ever. I feel slightly awkward when people watch me taking  pictures of myself so I basically try and do a shoot in quiet places. There is a brilliant app I use for this purpose called Cam me. You can basically send a command to take a picture via hand gestures.
  • I always use photo editors for my pictures. They make you and the picture look better. So I use them. My favourites are Snapseed, Fotor and Afterlight (Nico filter). Snapseed usually gives the best results for the blog while the other two work really well for Instagram.  See and behold the magic of Snapseed below: 
  • I love make-up….it is just a lot of work. On most days I try and make myself look fresh-faced and polished (channeling my inner Olivia Palermo although in reality it might be more Snow White without the red lips). But on some days when I did not catch a lot of sleep or just feel blue in general, I skip it. Bags under eyes and pale skin don’t do well on selfies. So I use the same approach as with my hair: when properly styled, try and take as many pictures as possible!
  • I don’t really share my outfit fails or me in my most worn outfit this month:  

Despite my obsession with capsule wardrobes, black and white and minimalist fashion styles, the item I wore the most is my pyamas. Hey, I am on maternity leave so give me a break. I did not post any pictures of that particular outfit because there are limits to sharing what real women look like.


Below a list of other bloggers that have inspired this article & series:

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Mother pukka (basically almost everything they post)

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– Sunny mamaniemand wil echte mensen op de cover van Vogue

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Deisy, 6 vervelende (en soms wat gênante situaties)

So, that’s it for the confessions today. Leave a comment on your own approach on posing for the blog!

XOXO Floor


3 gedachtes over “CONFESSIONS OF A MOMMY WHO BLOGS 1: on posing & using filters

  1. Refreshingly honest and well-written post!
    Myself, I have a fashion fascination and like to play around with clothing items. I also like collages and have a soft spot for visuals. It’s only recently that I started posting outfit photos, which finally gave me something to share on Instagram (though I ended up posting way more non-fashion photos, go figure 😉 ). While I like the creativity involved with putting together an outfit post, I actually hate the posing itself. It’s just not my thang (I”m guessing it shows, but I’m working on that). The best photos happen when I’m fully relaxed, but that’s not very often ha ha. Perhaps if I do it often enough, it will sorta become second nature. Though I’ll probably always prefer being behind the camera!
    You do look super relaxed with that Dance Until Dawn shirt, luv it!


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