DRESSES LOVE A BUMP: Style update when 36 weeks pregnant

I have reached the final stages of the pregnancy and the bump keeps growing every day (or so it seems). Last week I wore a lot of dresses since:  (A) they are very comfortable, (B) I love the bare leg feeling and (C) the style just fits. These are not maternity dresses, so this style works for the non-pregnant too. That is the advantage with the Scandinavian brands I tend to wear a lot: they do not usually have a really tight fit. Ergo: they still look flattering when your body shape changes a bit (like when you indulge on wine & chocolate/ become pregnant/ start a bootcamp programme/ train for a marathon).


DRESS: Cheap Monday (last season) // SHOES: Adidas ZX700 zebra // NECKLACE: The boyscouts

My favourite outfit of last week. As you can see, I managed to strike a pose and I did not catch a lot of sun this year (for obvious reasons). Also I take all pictures myself (usually at home, I always feel a bit awkward and tend to avoid random onlookers as much as possible) hence you can see only half of my shoes.  



The 2 dresses below barely fit anymore (bump is getting to big) but they worked really well in earlier weeks. I do not really love all of these pictures but I wanted to give a fair view of what the bump looks like in these dresses. The dresses are from Won Hundred & Primark (literally the only item I own from this store because “fast fashion” makes me weary). The sunglasses are from Monokel. These are handmade sunglasses and the collection is seriously worth checking out (affordable and stylish).    


Needless to say, an A-line type of dress/ knee long stretch dress work well with and without a bump. They remain part of my absolute wardrobe basics. Especially on colder days I love to pair them up with a cropped sweater or a leather jacket.




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