FIT MOMMY: how I have not seen the inside of a gym in ages

A while back I shared my exercise routine while pregnant including my distaste for “mommy fit” classes (the promotion leaflets alone freak me out). I am still a member of my gym but I have to admit that I have not seen the inside of a gym in ages. Here are my experiences on staying fit during a pregnancy in the 3rd trimester. 


First, it was the big moving into a new house thing. Stubborn as I am, I refused to stop carrying boxes around which then led to back issues and general fatigue. The result? No exercise besides moving around stuff.

Second I started sleeping badly. Due to the heath, having to go the toilet every 5 minutes, babyparty in belly etc.: normal pregnancy stuff that led to sleep deprivation. While I still had to work, there was no energy left at night to do other stuff. The result? No exercise.

Now I am on maternity leave so plenty of time to sleep and go the gym. Well, wrong again. There are so many things I postponed to do (like my obsession with organising the house or buying stuff for the Mini) that my days are packed. And I like to clean all of a sudden. This takes up much more time than expected (new hobby due to nesting behaviour). The result? You guessed it: no exercise!


Since I am going to give birth somewhere in the next 5 weeks (if it takes longer than that I am going to kick up a storm! Did you know that Germany and Belgium do not allow woman to carry a baby longer than 40 weeks?Just saying), I am trying to define priorities. What is more important: being in good shape en therefore endure longer? Or being well rested and therefore endure longer? So sleep vs. exercise: which one is best?


Right now I am choosing to go with the flow. When I am tired (due to getting only 4 hours of sleep) I take naps and hang around he house. Whenever I feel more energetic, I walk as much as I can. This can be combined with useful stuff like doing groceries or cleaning up the house but I move around a lot. I will keep my gym membership just in case and plan to actually go swimming tomorrow (or maybe the day after).

What is or was your exercise routine when pregnant? Tips are welcome.




2 gedachtes over “FIT MOMMY: how I have not seen the inside of a gym in ages

  1. Sporten tijdens de zwangerschap is inderdaad lastig. Ik ga altijd met vriendinnen sporten en was ook al voor mijn zwangerschap heel fanatiek waardoor ik het sporten tot de 37ste week heb volgehouden!


    1. Hoi Eline, ik had eigenlijk gedacht dat ik door zou kunnen gaan met bodypump en zumba. Dat ging ook goed maar heb door verhuizing wat rug- en bekkenklachten gekregen. Daardoor moest ik even een stap terug doen. Nu hoop ik alsnog weer te kunnen gaan al is het nog maar een paar keer.


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