OUT & ABOUT: Mommy’s day out in Maastricht (and a list of hotspots)

My maternity leave has started and finally the weather has changed. After being cooked up for the entire weekend, I really felt like going into town. What better way to do this then visiting my favourite city in this area: Maastricht. Below my little blackbook of places to visit in hot and happening Wijck. 

Basically when you go to Maastricht Wijck is an area you cannot ignore. It is located directly next to the river Maas and is increasingly gaining hotspots. I spent my entire afternoon there (also due to the fact that I cannot walk that far anymore). If you end up going to there, try and adapt the local customs. Relax, take it easy and have a beer/wine. You have come to the South and life is better spent with good food & friends.


First up is a store for Mini’s: “de Heppie store” located in the Rechtstraat. Expect interior design, books, clothes, toys and cards from modern brands. The collection is big but not cheap. Still worth a look for Mini’s up until 4 years old ( or something in that range).


There are 3 stores for stylish mommies: Stijl, Nina’s and Noir. Stijl has 2 stores in the city centre: the more exclusive one is located in Wijck. It is packed with Scandinavian brands like By Malene Birger and Won Hundred. Again a bit on the pricier side but the other store also offers more budget friendly options. Nina’s is my personal favourite. The women in the store are always very nice and welcoming and they have the best jeans and also other high quality basics. Just check it out. Noir is the newest addition and has recently opened a second store focusing on bags and shoes. Noir is a bit edgier than the other two but also the most budget friendly. They sell brands like Selected Femme, MbyM, Just Female and Clarks.


Cafe Zondag is just one of these places you cannot ignore. Many locals go there to have a drink after work or just sit on the terrace. They serve food too but beware: the staff (although friendly) takes their Southern lifestyle very serious. They always seem to have time for having chats with regulars but not for preparing your lunch as quickly as possible.  Just go with it.

New in town is Burgerlijk focused completely on (you guessed it): Burgers! Check out the menu below.  

And if you are not tired after a day in Wijck: cross the bridge and walk up to The Bijenkorf. They have a Mac store (just saying…).

Have fun and let me know how your visit was!

Xoxo Floor


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