35 WEEKS & 35 DEGREES: how this was supposed to be about the Mumford & Sons concert

In 15 minutes Mumford & Sons are going to start performing in Nijmegen. A concert I have waited 4 years to go to. Afterwards I was going to write a post on how awesome they were. BUT that did not happen, did it? Instead I am sitting in my living room with my 0,0% beer having visions of comfort food and ice cold winters (Winter is coming seems like a pretty good house motto right now). I am 35 weeks pregnant (and a couple of days but who is counting) and it is freakin 35 degrees outside. This is a post about turning into survival mode during a heatwave.

Up until now, this pregnancy turned out pretty well (minus the diabetes thing but hey you get used to that), but I have to admit the last couple of days were pure torture. There is no escaping the sun or the heat so my body is protesting. I sleep, drink, take showers and sweat (and sometime bitch at babydaddy, which is not fair). Yesterday I actually drove to IKEA just to sit in the airconditioning for an hour (or maybe two). Ofcourse I also went to see my sister in law and her newborn baby to see how they are doing. Luckily the cutie seemed perfectly happy in her summer attire and did not mind the heat that much. So, what does help against the heat for pregnant woman, babies and people in general? BURST THAT BUBBLE: 3 MYTHS THAT ARE JUST NOT TRUE  – MYTH #1: A FASHIONABLE OUTFIT ALWAYS MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER So not true, I am sitting here in sportleggings (because when my legs rub against each other, I get heat rash),  sports top (so did not feel like putting on a bra today) and a tank top (and it is not a cute one, more in the line of “should have been thrown away but is still comfortable” pile). And no matter how fashionable your Mini is: today they just want to wear a sleeveless onesie (and no black either). Today is a “wear practical clothes” day. Fashion, although good for many different situations, cannot help you here. – MYTH #2: BUILT-IN AIRCO IS A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY Yesterday evening I would have done pretty much anything for an airco. I know, we don’t have many heat waves in The Netherlands but when we do, it would be nice to be able to sleep. I realise the value per use is probably very low but let’s face it: isn’t a nice, long sleep worth something? – MYTH #3: TRY AND DO NOTHING AND THE HEAT WILL BE EASIER TO COPE WITH I tried this for a couple of days and it did not work. I literally did nothing but was still sweating AND could still not cope with the heat. What did help? Taking a cold bath, a shower, another shower, putting a fan on and hiding in the coolest place of the house: the hallway entrance (the stones are so nice and cold!). WHAT ABOUT MUMFORD?  Oh yes, that. Since it is not getting that much cooler tonight I decided that it was not worth the risk of me fainting or feeling unwell in general. The Mini is my 1st priority so I am back home. Tears were shed but I am fine with it now. Just to humor me, below a little clip. Next time….

XOXO Floor


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