REVIEW: June’s capsule wardrobe

During June I was 30-35 weeks pregnant AND used a capsule wardrobe. (For more information about a capsule wardrobe check out my earlier posts: here and here. ) In terms of time spent and weather requirements, it was quite a challenging month. It was hot, turned colder again followed by a heat wave (right now). I went for a week long holiday in France, had to work and went to Pinkpop festival. Keep reading for a compilation of my outfits, the content of the capsule wardrobe and some other observations. By the way: I did not wear a lot of maternity clothes so this capsule wardrobe is also suitable for women without a bump.


So I wish I could say I did a thorough analysis and out came the pieces below. That’s just not the truth. First I used a combination of the Into Mind workbook and the Capsule Wardrobe planner by Unfancy. Then I added and detracted pieces during the month based on new insights (black blouse is really not necessary in summer) and weather requirements (I had less dresses at first and the bump got bigger, so needed an extra pair of trousers). Below the result: 25 pieces and 7 pairs of shoes= 32 piece wardrobe.

p.s. This is my actual wardrobe. I created this with the Stylebook app.  Some of the brands included (also representing some of my favourite brands) are Selected Femme, Won Hundred, Zara, Samsoe Samsoe, Tiger of Sweden, Topshop maternity, American vintage and Maje. 


So I cheated a little bit. I have a festival & holiday wardrobe that I only use once a year. That would include pieces like a beach dress and a festival top. They are not part of my capsule wardrobe because they are not versatile enough. I got them out of storage for 1 day and then put them back until next year. Also there is one dress that did not photograph well so I left it out. Technically speaking I had a 33 piece wardrobe in June.


I have a couple of go to outfits I tend be quite loyal to, especially with the bump growing. These also work for the non-pregnant so they are not limited to a maternity style.

  • PENCIL LOVE>>> I love wearing a pencil skirt + loose short sleeved top/ cropped top + flats
  • FOREVER SKINNY>>> Skinny (or before the pregnancy fitted pants) are just my absolute favourite model. It suits my figure (somewhat hourglass shaped, mommy has hips), comfortable and totally match with my style. The proportions (explanation here) I use are usually:
    • Skinny pants + blouse + flats OR
    • Skinny pants + loose short sleeved top + cropped (leather) jacket + sneakers OR
    • Skinny jeans + loose longsleeve or loose short sleeved top + flats
  • MAXI AND THE MINI: Maxidresses I already wrote about in a previous post, which you can check out here.



For July I plan to keep this capsule wardrobe intact as much as possible and add perhaps a few summer tanks.

It took some time to get to this result but it seems to work brilliantly. I spend less time getting dressed, like my outfits much more and am more consistent in my style. Also there are fewer piles of clothes covering the house. For now, this capsule wardrobe thing is here to stay! Go minimalist mommy ;-).


XOXO Floor



2 gedachtes over “REVIEW: June’s capsule wardrobe

    1. Ja het kost inderdaad wel wat tijd…maar met mijn maternity leave had ik uiteraard tijd genoeg :-). En het heeft me 2 jaar gekost om op dit punt te komen. Ik kon eerst geen afstand doen van mijn kleding maar inmiddels heb ik steeds minder over. Mocht je willen starten nog een paar tips: de website Into Mind is heel goed en je kast opruimen helpt echt. En het is mij trouwens ook nog nooit gelukt om een klassieke capsule wardrobe van 37 pieces samen te stellen. Veel te weinig: Mommy needs clothes haha.


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