WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP: about ambition with a Mini

This blog is about a mommy-to-be (hint: that’s me) determined to remain true to her style and ambition. I just now realized that I have not shared a lot about that last point: “mommy wants a career”. Maybe this is because career building is already part of my daily life so much that I do not want to blog about in my spare time. But to be clear: I am ambitious. Some of my dream jobs include editor & chief of Marie Claire (or any other magazine really), CFO of LVMH Group (a girl can dream), Chief innovation officer of any company really or owner of a wildly successful brand. Back to reality… I work as a strategy director for a technology company and I have my own business to support & promote creative entrepreneurship. But right about now at 33 weeks pregnant, mommy leave sounds pretty damn attractive. So now what? I have a million questions about the effects of motherhood on my career & future plans that I am trying to explore below.


I put in quite some hours at the office. That means there is not a lot of time left for housework. It is not that I work more than other people, I just focus on different things. Lots of report writing, lots of meetings, no cleaning. I really, really, really hate to clean. With the Mini coming, I am cutting back my hours which means it will be expected of me that I also do more domestic work. And babies just make a lot of mess. They throw around food, throw up, throw around some more food and leave their toys all over my carefully curated house. Yes, I worry about this. At least now I always had an excuse not to do cleaning activities of any sort but what will I use when the Mini is born? How will we keep our house organized? Sometime you read these stories about these supermoms that have perfect homes, work full-time while carrying around fashionable babies next to their Prada bag in their size 2 dresses and 10-inch heels. Seriously, can someone share the secret with me?


 There are many woman that become “mompreneurs” after a baby is born. They start successful webshops, baby brands or specialized services for children & babies inspired by their own experiences. I started my business a couple of years ago inspired by, well, my own experiences as a businesswoman. No babies or children involved and it will also be hard to work this into the business model. I used to run my business in the time I was not working for the technology company but now this time will be dedicated to the Mini. So what do I do? Do I kill it? I have already realized it will be impossible to combine 3 jobs: motherhood, entrepreneur and strategy director so something has got to give. Does that make me less ambitious? Did I fail? Or is this just a temporary break?I also wonder how these “mompreneurs” cope with all of these irregular and long hours. Tips anyone?


 Last week they told me an email I sent out was a bit rude. So did someone yesterday and come to think of it: maybe also last month. So yes, my hormones are going crazy right now but what will happen after the Mini is born when I am for example sleep deprived? I cannot walk out during a meeting to get some fresh air because my baby kept me up half of the night. And office politics can be nasty sometimes. Will I really be able to hold it together on 4 hours of sleep? It seems that men, in general, are better equipped to cope with this. They are more focused on 1 thing, whereas woman are multitasking. Back to the emails: I had a discussion with my boss about this. We didn’t want to blame my behavior on hormones becasue it sounds like a cheap excuse. But does that mean I am bitchy in general? We ended up agreeing I would work on it. Probably going to need some more communication coaching lessons (sigh) but hey it might help.

In 1,5 weeks my maternity leave is going to start so halleluja! Let me know what you think about your career and what effect the Mini’s had on it.



p.s. check out some of the other holarious quotes on Bossbabe!


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