THE BUMP IN MONOCHROME: mommy’s capsule wardrobe

Since I had to clean up all the stuff after the big move, I took the opportunity to review my closet and create a capsule wardrobe. Part of creating a capsule wardrobe is picking & choosing your own signature style. As a result, I have been wearing a lot of monochrome outfits lately which seem to work out great with the bump. So here is some monochrome inspiration for you (also works well without a bump of course!).  


So what is a capsule wardrobe? Officially it is 37 piece wardrobe consisting of versatile pieces that reflect your style and you love to wear. You wear a capsule wardrobe for 3 months and then change it up again and create a new one. The advantages are many: less but better quality clothes, a clutter free closet, not the struggle to decide what you wear every morning, no or less emotional buys and a strong signature style. You can read about my attempt to master the French wardrobe system here and here (hint: I failed) but this capsule wardrobe thing seems to stick (at least for now).    


Below some of the outfits I have been wearing in June (30-34 weeks pregnant). My key pieces are a white blazer (Maje), white cropped top (Tiger of Sweden), striped t-shirt (Just female) and my silver Superga and white Converse sneakers.


So you want proof that my closet is indeed clutter free? Unfortunately I did not do a before picture but here is a picture of the clothes rack I use for my work wardrobe. I have to admit it was a lot of work to get to this stage but I get dressed every morning in 5 minutes and received more compliments on my outfits.


What do you think of the monochrome style? Do you wear a lot of black & white or do you prefer colours?

I will be sharing a little guide on an easy way to create a capsule wardrobe soon (work-in-progress) so stay tuned for more.

XOXO Floor


3 gedachtes over “THE BUMP IN MONOCHROME: mommy’s capsule wardrobe

  1. Nice job! Ik ben dol op zwart-wit en vooral met een streepjes patroon. Verder is mijn kledingkast echt een big mess 😉


    1. Door mijn nesting behavior heb ik nogal wat tijd voor dit soort dingen dus ik ben redelijk trots het ordelijk kledingrek. Echter, ik vrees de “after” foto na een paar maanden wel. Zal vast gewoon weer uitzien zoals normaal: one big mess haha.


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