HORMONES & SHOPPING: How I ended up buying lots of stuff for the nursery

The webshop “Something old, something new” also has a shop pretty close to where I live. It is located in a small town called Wijnandsrade. They have cool brands for Mini’s but also for grown-ups like House Doctor and Bloomingville. Since my pregnancy leave is approaching quite rapidly, I decided to pay them a visit and look for nursery and livingroom accesories. I really don’t know if it was the hormons or just a plain old shopping spree, but I ended up coming home with a lot more stuff than expected. Below some impressions from the nursery in its current state.


So this is the whole pile of stuff I bought today. It is a lot I know. Let’s move on to the nursery. Pictured below is my pride and joy: the Shnuggle Crib. At first I did not want a crib but I changed my mind after seeing a new family addition. I want the baby sleeping next to my bed so this seems like an excellent investment. Today I bought sheets from CarlijnQ. Isn’t this adorable?


I wanted some extra decoration for the walls and decided on this garland. It is handmade by the aunt of the shop’s owner (don’t you love these kind of stories?). I also bougth black letterbanners but have not yet decided on the best text. Personally I am not a big fan of these cheesy lines that everyone has so this will probably require more time on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration (if you have any ideas, do let me know).

Looking at today, I am kind of dreading my shopping behavior during my pregnancy leave. With so much time on my hand, I might splurge a bit too easy. Maybe I should let babydaddy guard my bankaccount?

BUT very, very happy with the buys today.




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