MOMMY NEEDS A BREAK: how to survive the festival season with a Mini

This article contains some reflections for all people who happen to be parents (expecting or already realized). Last weekend I went to Pinkpop while being 32 weeks pregnant. I also saw some other bloggers/modern mommies (for lack of a better term) doing the same. Let’s face it: sometimes you just need some good, old fun and take a break from all the Mini stuff. While reading different experiences and talking to some friends, I think this is how to survive the festival season with a Mini.


Pinkpop is a special festival. Jan Smeets and Buro Pinkpop are easy to approach and they use a lot of local volunteers. So I picked up the phone the day before the festival started and talked to one of their Buro Pinkpop employees about getting a parking space closer to the festival grounds. Unfortunately, they were all booked up but my friend (36 weeks pregnant) did manage to get one. In the end I did park the car pretty close to the festival since local residents took a look at my belly and were kind enough to let me park in the neighborhood close by. You can always count on the Southern hospitality (although I say so myself J). My other friend is recovering from a Caesarian section (=keizersnede) and actually got a bathroom pass for the invalids toilets (which are in the middle of the field).

So number 1….try and ask for stuff to make you more comfortable (if you need it of course) and you might just succeed.



So for me alcohol was a no-go of course but for the one who already have Mini’s, a festival offers a much needed parenting break. There is always some debate between my friends if the Mini’s should go out for a sleep-over or not. After reviewing the pros and cons, I think it is best to indeed arrange for a quiet night (and morning after). Try and drop the Mini at a family member and enjoy a night out with the mister and your friends. Happy mommy & daddy equals happy Mini’s right? One of my friends took their baby of 5 weeks to grandma and had a great time.

Therefore number 2: get a babysit and enjoy a well deserved drink!


Just some random remarks you get to enjoy:

  • “Isn’t it difficult to leave the mini for a night?” (Seriously? It is 1 night, ONE!)
  • “Isn’t your belly a bit big for 7 months pregnant?”(Just what I need, comments on how massive I look. I am carrying around a miniperson, ok? If not nice things, just say nothing at all.)
  • “Oh wow, isn’t that dangerous to go to a festival in the 3rd trimester?”( Not more dangerous than going to a festival normally in my opinion and yes that is stupid question.)
  • “Aren’t the guitars a bit much for her?”(She is protected by a bump and water. Try and stick your head under water and see if a radio playing upsets you. I can give you a hint: it does not. Besides I love Muse. Educating them young might pay off.)
  • “Should she be dancing like that? She is a mother for god’s sake.” (…. (need some time to cool off before replying) WTF, she is a hot momma who like to dance and enjoy life. Yes that is a stupid question and assumption. Moms have fun, life does not end with a Mini, just…NO.)
  • “Isn’t it difficult to move in these crowds when you are pregnant?” ( I got stuck twice: once when trying to see Kensington, it was just too crowded and once in the bathroom line. Now that I think about that, there was third time when we tried to cross the field to go home. A gentle push while protecting the bump sometimes helps.)
  • “Can you still dance with the bump?” ( Yes, I most definitely can shake the bump to Pharell or De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. I have to admit jumping is an issue but dancing is no problem. I think she likes it ;-))
  • “Isn’t it too hot for you?” ( I arrived after 6 o’clock, wearing a cap, sleeves to protect my arms and sunscreen factor 50. I am ok. It is too hot for you maybe? Projection is a powerful mind tool you know.)

I think number 3 pretty obvious: ignore, ignore and ignore.


This is a personal blog after all so would like to share some of my highlights. Since I had a 3-day ticket I only saw the evening shows because of the sun & just pure fatigue. I always wanted to see the N.E.R.D. songs performed live and I did. Lapdance, She wants to move and Rockstar were the bomb! Hands up for Pharell Williams (but no bonus points for thinking he was in Amsterdam). I saw Muse for the 3rd time, they seriously rocked and “were victorious” (see Uprising). Next time they are on tour I am going to go again and probably the tour after that as well. Same for “de jeugd van tegenwoordig”, I just like them. When they were playing I almost jumped along with the crowd(at least in my mind I did).

The opposite is true for Elbow. Not my cup of tea, it sounds depressing and make me mad (literally). Mr. Robbie Williams was indeed funny, entertaining and just awesome. Maybe he talked a bit much in between songs (probably he is not in such good shape anymore and in need of breaks) but it was good. One Republic was a big surprise. Against expectations, they have so many hits and played really well. I normally like Kensington but it was too busy at the field and the sound was just off. So we left early and only heard one song. Avicii did his thing which was entertaining but predictable. Oscar and the Wolf sounded pretty awesome but too busy in the tent & not practical with the bump and all.

So number 4: always go and see Muse!

Number 5: shake your ass (and bump) to poppy rap artists.

I just realized I have not even discussed the festival outfits! Maybe next time. When in doubt, bring the essentials: layers of clothing, anything with fringes (Minnetonka’s bags with fringes, tops with fringed bottoms etc.), a headband or hat, cool sunglasses, sneakers and show of some skin. That always seems to do the trick. If you need inspiration, google Glastonbury or Coachella fashion, Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and/or Kendall Jenner.

Have fun and leave a comment if you have festival survival tips of your own!

Xoxo Floor

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