THE MINI AND MIFFY: a new duo?

I love Miffy (Nijntje). Fortunately there are many items to buy and accesorize the nursery. Last week I finally managed to secure the Miffy lamp and it really does look great. There are  still some items on my wishlist but I just have a few more weeks to go before my pregnancy leave. A lot of time to shop then! But in general I am really happy with the additions so far.

THE GARLANDS (= slingers in Dutch)

I love these garlands by Elle Milla, you can find them in her Etsy shop. What do you think?   


The Miffy lamp is available in different sizes. I picked the 50 cm one. It is still big and as you can see from the picture, we make an excellent duo :-). 


For me Miniwilla is the way to go. Her posters are just awesome and an absolute must-have for the nursery if you ask me. 


I have not (yet) written about my obsession with blankets but I do have one! I have a strong urge to buy them in all sizes, colours and shapes. These are defenitely trying to lure me into a buy…. 


Blankets by Miniwilla (black and white) and Anel (grey and white).

I defenitely think a new duo is born.




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