PREGNANCY SUMMER UNIFORM: Ways to wear the maxidress

It is getting hot outside and we are enjoying a well deserved (although I say it myself) holiday in la douce France. I have written before about style uniforms and my obsession with Into Mind. The 3rd trimester is difficult because this is when the bump is becoming really massive. Since it is warm here, I searched for a comfortable yet stylish solution: say hello to the maxidress! Below different styles & outfit formulas to wear when pregnant (but also when not) and some summer style inspiration.


This is how Into Mind defines a proportion or outfit formula.

” A proportion is what I like to call a specific outfit formula of item categories that you can wear in lots of different versions, like ‘Skinny jeans + loose-fitting shirt + long-line coat’. I find proportions as a concept super helpful for quite a few different things, like building a capsule wardrobe of 20-30 pieces, developing a signature look or uniform, and also just to expand my repertoire of outfits.”

Check out her post with 24 examples here.


I really love cropped shirts. They work well with high waist jeans and skirts. Ofcourse I do not fit into those anymore but the shirts I can still wear with a maxidress.


White top: Tiger of Sweden, black dress: Vero Moda, shoes: Maje, blue dress: Primark, blue top: Zara, shoes Birkenstock


Hats and maxidresses are defenitely a winning combination if you ask me. And practical too since they shield your face from the sun and prevent those pesky dark spots on your skin. With fair skin like me sort of a necessity. 


I always imagine myself walking along Rue Saint Honore in Paris when I am wearing stripes. Luckily they work well with the bump and with black too. This outfit formula is pretty simple: wear a striped or black maxidress and accesorize with black shoes or a sleeveless vest (you guessed it in black).  Some other tips:

– Cropped jackets, leather bikers or a suede vest (like the one I am wearing), work as well for chilly evening. So do jeans jackets. 

– The dresses do not have to be expensive. I bought these at Vero Moda and Primark. Since they probably won’t fit anymore after the pregnancy, it does not make sense to invest.

Curious how you wear a maxidress with a bump.



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