THE BREAKFAST ISSUE: 3 healthy and sugarfree recipes

So I have written about my disposition for pregnancy diabetes before. In short: I cannot eat too much sugar or my baby will be too fat at birth (5 kg baby yikes), I would have to use insuline, would be prone to diabetes after the pregnancy and the baby might need insuline at birth. Obviously very good reasons to stick to my diet (although I admit that I am craving Nutella and Ice cream right now). Since I have been doing this for around 10 weeks now, I picked up some healthy recipes for other healthy mommies. Below my 3 favourite breakfast recipes.


Very simple, nutritious and oh so good! Bake a couple of eggs (or even better poach them if not pregnant), slice a ripe advocado, throw in some tomatoes and voila! I always add some sel de Ibiza to make everything more tasty but that is up to you. Bread is optional depending on your diet. I need whole wheat carbs for the baby to grow so I usually add a couple of toasted slices of bread.


This is very good with blue berries or strawberries. Be careful though: berries apparently raise sugar levels in the blood so if you are suffering from diabetes, you should not use too many. I only eat a handful (which my dietist says is ok).

How do you make an oatmeal pancake? The internet is full of recipes and I tried a couple. This is what works for me. Measure 35 grams of oatmeal and put it in the blender. Add a ripe banana ( the riper, the better, also note bananas should be consumed in moderation when suffering from diabetes) and a egg. Add a teaspoon of baking powder to it. I use the one from Albert Heijn which seems to do the trick. Finally, add a little bit of almond milk for better, more liquid texture. Then blend into a smooth substance. I have never succeeded in baking one and flipping it without breaking but maybe you will succeed. Also very good with Ahornsyrup (off limits for me because still sugar that raises glucose).



The challenging one: you are going to need a little bit of sugar for this one. I tried without and it tastes a little bit off. I usually choose the healthier alternatives like ahorn syrup though. Most important ingredient are the hazelnuts. Take as many as you like. I usually take one box that I again buy at Albert Heijn. Put them in the blender and let them turn for a little while. When they get crushed, at some point the liquid starts flowing out and you get a paste (trust me the machine will do its job). Then add a couple of spoons of coconut butter, cacao powder ( just cacoa does not contain sugar) and let it mix into a smooth paste. Tast a little bit and add syrup to sweeten it.

This is the quick and dirty recipe. If you want more sophistication, check out the recipe from Rens Kroes. I have her book and usually use that one. She is ofcourse more of an expert and far better at describing this.


Enjoy and let me know what your favourites are.




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