BUY LESS BUT BETTER PART II: Was May a fail or win?

In my previous post, I shared my attempt to keep a minimalist (French) wardrobe. Last month I ended up with quite some new additions to my closet (“vakantiegeld=holiday money” trap). Also the weather became warmer which meant it was time to ramp up for a new season (=buying new shoes). So looking back at my buys: did I really buy high quality stuff that I am going to wear a lot? Do they really fit my signature style? What are the fails and what should I avoid in the future?



Basically this is what I am going in the ever challenging 3rd trimester (30 weeks now and more “skippyball” like every week 😄).


Well, I certainly bought a lot of shoes this month. And somehow I still feel like my shoe collection is incomplete. These are the buys:


Silver Superga, blue Adidas (technically an April buy), Selected Femme slippers and flats from The Kooples. Although I really love my flats from The Kooples, I am not 100% convinced since I am afraid they won’t fit when my feet start swelling up in warm weather. Buy maybe there is no shoe to really remedy that. Although maybe a bit too many I do still love each and every pair that I bought so I say WIN!


The Kooples is one of my favourite brands BUT it is not cheap. So around once every 6 months I allow myself to place an order. I ordered 2 silk blouses that fit during the pregnancy but I can also wear after ofcourse. At my favourite store (FEE Conceptstore) I bought a black dress (Studio Ruig, is supposed to be longer but bump is in the way, still worth checking out also without a bump) and a leather jacket (Selected femme). I have written about the jacket in previous posts but below the other items.


Before I started writing this post, I felt like I bought too many items (which is still true) BUT looking at them now: I really love them. So WIN?!

Let’s look at the checklist:

  • Are they true to my signature style? Definitely a yes, they fit with my favourite proportions, colours and fabrics.
  • Are they the right fit and fabric? Yes, except for the shoes from The Kooples.
  • Do I really love them? YES!
  • Can I style them different ways? The blouses are very versatile. I am not 100% sure about the dress.
  • Are they the best version of an item I want in my closet? Well, one insight I gained after returning with the black dress, is that I own a lot of black dresses. I can wear a different one every day for a week (seriously). So no more buying new black dresses! I should buy one that fits me perfectly and stick to it.

Actually I should remember to enjoy these new buys first before splurging on something new….



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